Unlock ZTE And Other Data Cards(Zong,Telenor)Download Free Dc Unlocker

If you can’t use all network Sims on your  USB modem or mobile phone but you can use only SIM cards of only one network. Now  I am going to share a  software and step by step guide to you. With the help of this software you can unlock your device easily.


To unlock ZTE 3G data cards, follow the simple steps below:

Plug in your data card/modem in the concerned port and install all necessary drivers and other software.

To unlock ZTE follow the simple steps below:

1-   Make sure that the default network’s SIM is working in it
2-   Unplug your device from the computer, remove the default network’s SIM and put
       in the concerned network’s SIM which you are going to use with data card
4-   Plug in your device again. If the default program launches itself, exit it
5-   Now run dccrap.exe which you have downloaded and unzipped
6-   Select  ZTE data cards from the “Select manufacturer” menu
                1st step

           2nd Step

        3rd Step

Now you can download DC unlocker software from below downloading links.
Download links:
Download Dc Unlocker

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