Nokia C2-03 (RM-702) Latest Flash File Download Free

Nokia C2-03 is one of those uncommon mobiles that can operate with two SIM cards simultaneously. Why would one need such a feature? Now there are plenty of folks around the world who use multiple phones, be it for having separate personal and work lines, or for simply using the services of two carriers at the same time. These are the people the C2-03 is aimed at as it spares them the trouble carrying around that second handset might be.And other than that, there is nothing special about the Nokia C2-03 as it is merely a modest feature phone powered by the Series 40 platform. It offers a 2.6-inch resistive touchscreen display, basic 2-megapixel camera, 2G connectivity, and a slide-out numeric keypad.

The C2-03 is a device that’s simple to use, easy to afford and comfortable to carry around. You have two active phone lines in the same device so you can leave your other phone at home. Touchscreen and dual SIM support is a rare combination, but Nokia must think it’s time they added more depth to their entry-level lineup.

If you have finished flashing you will lose your important data like images,contacts,numbers and so much data which is on your mobile. To save this all data take backup of your data first and then flash. After flash your mobile will be restored in its original settings.

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