How To Restore Factory Nokia Mobiles With Codes Or Pressing Keys Together With Out Security Code

Here we are sharing very useful post. How to reset nokia mobiles with out security code by pressing some keys at a time. It is a magic trick to do it all. Sometimes our phone becomes very slow by more uses. And a slow phone is difficult to operate. So by factory reset setting we can get the faster speed. To format the phone storage we use factory reset setting. When virus attack on our phone we use factory reset setting. Mainly it is used as a solution of several problems.
To flash your nokia mobile with out security code use the simple steps below:
1- Power off your mobile
2-  Now before switched on your mobile press and hold shift,space and back space at a time together.

3- Now switch on your mobile without leaving those three buttons and continue to press the buttons until to phone switched on.
If you will do it easily your phone will restored in original settings.
To reset your nokia mobile phone it is tricks without security code. I have tried this process personally and it works. Now i will show you that how to Restore Factory Setting Nokia phone without security code. 
You can use bellow secret code for hard reset Nokia mobiles.

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