How To Flash Nokia Mobile Phones With JAF

You can use different flashing tools to flash Nokia and many other mobiles. Here the new flashing tool has been released after many flashing tools like phoenix service etc. You can flash your mobile by using the JAF method. We are going to share simple tips, how to flash Nokia mobiles with JAF. First of all, you will need to remember some points.


  • How to use the JAF method for flashing
  • You will need to install the most needed drivers
  • You have a good working USB data cable
  • If your mobile detecting USB data cable you can flash your mobile easily
  • And you will need to download the latest flash files of your mobile
  • Then follow the simple steps below

1- Download Jaf packages
2- Install it on your pc or laptop
3-  Open JAF PKEY Emulator v3.exe and under the “STEP 1“, select “Random PKEY Raskal SN“. And click on the “GO” button (if you are trying to run JAF PKEY Emulator v3.exe on Windows 7 then you have to set Compatibility mode to XP SP3 and Run as Administrator.
4- When Once you press the GO button, it will automatically open J.A.F. You will get “Error: Box driver not installed“, click on the OK button to launch JAF.
5- Click on the bb5 when your program will launch
6- In flash setting select manual flash

7- After manual selection follow the simple steps

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