How To Unlock PUK Locked Sim Card Online/Offline

Here we are going to share how to unlock PUK blocked sim card. Here we will share easy steps which will helps you to unlock your forgotten PUK of your sim card. First of if you pin code is blocked and “Enter PUK” showing at your screen if you are switching on your mobile. Here two simple steps which is used for unlocking sim by entering PUK.


  1. You can get your PUK online or different telecom services providing free PUK codes.
  2. You will need to call same telecom center which you are using
  3. If you have connected to telecom officer request him to tell your locked SIM’s PUK 
  4. Officer asked few security questions like about yourself and he will discover your locked SIM card number you will need to tell him.
  5. If you will find your SIM’s PUK you will need to enter it in your sim which is locked, if you will enter PUK your phone will asked to enter new pin and also asked for enter same pin again
  6. If you will finish these details correctly your SIM will be unlock

Other way you can get your SIM puck online from operator official site by entering your SIM’s IMEI number.

If you are facing difficulty during unlocking your Sim you can contact us via commenting we will help you if possible for us.

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