How To Flash HTC Android Phone Via USB Data Cable

Here we are sharing very useful post, “How To Flash HTC Phone Via USB”. If you wish to flash your phone himself just follow the simple steps below.

  • First of all download the mini-sdk package and extract it to c:mini-sdk.
  • Copy the downloaded firmware (.zip) package to c:mini-sdk and rename it to “”
  • After that Connect your device to the PC
  • Now boot your device in fastboot mode (vol down + power ===> fastboot)
  • Open a command prompt on the PC (cmd.exe), type and confirm each command with ENTER:
  • cd /d c:mini-sdk
  • fastboot getvar all (open android-info.txt inside and check if MID and CID matches)
  • <optionally> fastboot oem lock (if your device is not yet re-locked)
  • fastboot oem rebootRUU
  • fastboot flash zip and wait for the process to be completed. Sometimes flashing firmware once doesn’t work, so flash again using the same command.
  • Your phone will fastboot reboot after completing of flashing

If you will follow these simple points, you can easily flash your phone via USB data cable.

Be sure, you will need to take a backup of your important data which is in your phone, because after flashing you will lose it and phone will restore in its original settings. If you are facing difficulties during flashing free to contact us via commenting, we will help you very soon.

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