Altera FPGA JTAG Programming Tool Driver Setup Download

We are sharing flashing tools which are around the world. In this post, we have recently shared the latest setup of Altera FPGA JTAG programming tool and free download links are available for download. Intel provides a variety of hardware solutions to program and configure Intel® FPGA devices. 

The table below shows the available hardware options for Intel FPGA device programming and configuration. It can support several devices which we have listed below.


  • Supports 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5.0V operating voltages.
  • Supports SignalTap II logic analysis capability.
  • Supports active serial configuration mode for EPCS serial configuration devices.
  • Supports communication and debugging of the Nios® II embedded processor family.
  • Supports Active Serial (AS), JTAG and Passive Serial (PS) mode.
  • Provides a reliable, fast and low-cost method for in-system programming.
  • Supports Quartus II software Version 4.0 or later.
  • High Programming Speed with USB interface to Host PC.
  • Uses a 10-pin circuit board connector, which is identical to the Altera USB Blaster download cable.
  • USB BLASTER is powered by a USB port; no external power is required.
You will need to buy fresh USB data cable if you wish to use this tool. The USB Blaster Download Cable interfaces a USB port on a host computer to an Altera® FPGA mounted on a printed circuit board. 

The cable sends configuration data from the PC to a standard 10-pin header connected to the FPGA. You can use the USB Blaster cable to iteratively download configuration data to a system during prototyping or to program data into the system during production. Now you can download the latest setup of Altera FPGA JTAG Programming tool from below links. 

App Name: Altera FPGA JTAG Programming Tool

Current Version: Various on your OS

File Size: 143MB

Download Tool Setup

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