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Zune is free software that is used for transferring data between Android mobile and PC. It’s been an unnecessarily slow, cruel death for Zune. Microsoft’s music service which lets Zune hardware users stream and download tracks was left to wither on the vine and quietly die. Redmond made it official Wednesday, quietly announcing the Zune is no more and leaving the few people still using the damn thing wondering where they go from here.

It is simple and easy to use and free available for download. It can support several Android devices. To the iPod, of course. Or the Pono. No. Probably not the Pono. Wherever they go, the bigger question is how do those few Zune die-hard pick up the pieces? If you have a Zune, you probably use Zune’s software to organize your music and videos and burn CDs. It has several brilliant features which you will feel after using it.


Similarly, there are rumblings that some Zune power users might make an open-source Zune client replacement. Assuming this actually happens, such a client almost certainly would do only the simplest of tasks, allowing you to manage what’s already on your Zune and nothing more. And that depends upon Microsoft making the data accessible. Perhaps that small beacon of hope is enough for you to hold onto the device.

In this video series, you will learn how to use all the functions of the Zune software including navigating the different libraries, ripping songs to your library, burning CDs, customizing options, and how to manually sync your Zune. Now you can download the latest setup of Zune Software by managing the below download links. The download links are absolutely free and scanned by viruses. If you are facing trouble during download or downloading links that are not working, just contact us via commenting, we will help you or update download links very soon.
Zune Software Download (Official Site)

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