Geo Super HD New Biss Key 2024 Asia Sat 3s 105.5 Degree East

 If your dish is on Paksat 38° East you can watch Geo Super and Geo ME on  BISS key by using (BISS KEY)DVB receiver. Some times you can watch Geo News on this same frequency and Biss key. Geo Super is the sports and Geo ME is the Entertainment Channel of Pakistan Geo TV network.

 Paksat likewise on the off chance that you get a BISS key supporting collector. By the landing of 2013, the PTV system has moved its channels including PTV Sports from Asia Sat to Paksat, so a colossal number of endorsers are changing from Asia Sat to Paksat now. In the event that you are the one, and have changed from Asia Sat to Paksat, yet some way or another stress over losing your most loved TV channels, then don’t stress. 

You can watch Geo News on Paksat. The recurrence insights about Geo News/geo Me are recorded underneath. Utilize the points of interest to profit the television of Pakistan’s most celebrated private News TV station Geo News on Paksat.

Now you can watch Geo Super absolutely free on HD Receivers on sat 105.5 degrees east. The Tv broadcaster of Geo Super telecasting free streaming for sports lovers and they can enjoy matches. The new frequency of Geo super we have listed below.
Frequency Details
LNB Frequency  04180
Symbol Rate 29720
Pol  V (Vertical)
You can get the Ptv sports biss key always any time… Ptv Sports New Biss key 

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