Samsung A72 SM-A725F Firmware – Flash File Download Free

Samsung A72 flash file

If you need the latest firmware of Samsung A72 then you will find it here. We have shared the full firmware which is compatible with your device. By using the firmware you can flash your phone. Firmware of phone does at that stage if the phone is working slow or completely break due to its firmware.

There are some things that are required to flash any phone. The Galaxy A72 was supposed to get the Android 12 update in February, but Samsung pleasantly surprised its users with a new firmware update today.

While this is not the first major OS upgrade for the A72, it is the first to be released for it. If you have the A72, it is highly recommended that you install this new firmware, as it fixes a variety of known problems. Below are steps to manually upgrade your A72 to the latest version.

Step 1

The first step in updating the firmware is to download the USB Driver. You can use the same software to install the new firmware on your Samsung phone. Once you have the USB driver installed, you can connect the device to your PC.

The USB drivers will appear blue on the computer. After downloading and installing the firmware, you can select the ROM or AP file that you need to flash. Make sure that you enable F. Reset Time and Auto-Reboot to ensure a successful update.

Step 2

After downloading the firmware, you need to make sure that your A72 is connected to a computer. To do this, press the volume down and power buttons at the same time. Then, connect your Galaxy A72 to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 3

You will see that the USB drivers have changed from black to blue. Once you have chosen the correct firmware, go back to your device and wait for it to install. Once it has been completed, you should be able to restore your A72 to a working state.

How to install firmware

You can easily install the firmware of your phone. To install the latest firmware, you must have a working USB driver installed on your computer. Next, download the Odin flashing tool and install it on your Galaxy A72. This software will allow you to flash the stock firmware on your device.

Then, use the ODIN software to upgrade or downgrade your A72. Once you have downloaded the firmware, you must restart your smartphone. You must then connect the phone to the computer.

Once the driver is installed, connect your Galaxy A72 to the computer using a USB cable. The USB driver will turn blue and allow you to select the firmware.

Disable auto reboot

You should also disable Auto Reboot and Re-Partition. After the firmware has been successfully downloaded, you can start the process of flashing your device.

If you want to downgrade or upgrade the phone, follow the steps in the guide below. Then, reboot your phone and install the latest Samsung A72 Firmware.

After you have downloaded the latest firmware for your A72, you should install the Samsung USB Driver on your computer. You can now connect your Galaxy A72 to your computer by pressing the volume down and power buttons.

After the USB driver is installed, the USB device will turn blue and allow you to choose the firmware. Afterward, you need to enable Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, and F. Reset Time on your phone. Then, let the firmware download and install on your phone.

Before you begin the process of flashing the Samsung A72, you should first backup all the data on your phone. After the flashing process, you must restart your phone and make a backup of all the important data.

Once you have restored your phone to its original state, you can now use your phone. You can also try the latest Android firmware on your Galaxy A72. You must be aware of the risks associated with the process, and you should use caution.

USB driver

Afterward, you need to install Samsung USB Driver on your PC. After the driver installation is complete, you can connect your Galaxy A72 to your PC. Then, you need to install the Odin flashing tool.

You need to be connected to the PC with a USB data cable. Then, you can select the downloaded firmware and install it on your phone. After the firmware is installed, you can turn off the device and enjoy a new ROM on your A72.

To install the latest firmware on your Galaxy A72, you need to install the Samsung USB Driver. After that, you need to turn on the device and open the USB driver. Then, you need to launch the Odin flashing tool.

You need to choose the ROM, AP, BP, CSC, or ODIN file. Once you have selected the files you want to install, you need to select the folder in which the files were saved.

Firmware details

Model: Samsung A72

Model Number: SM-A725F

Firmware Version: Android 10

File Size: Comming soon

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