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iDevice Manager For Windows

iDevice Manager for Windows is a software application that manages and transfers files from and to your iPhone, iPad, and other portable media players. It doesn’t require any special drivers or software to operate. The application works on any Windows version and can be used to browse through portable media players, transfer files, and choose specific files. It even allows you to manage multiple devices at one time. You can even use it as a flash drive!

Manage music, video, ringtones, and files

iDevice Manager For Windows facilitates the transfer of files from iPhone and iPad to PC, creates customized ringtones, and imports and exports contacts, SMS, and music. It also helps you export your iMessages to Outlook and provides extensive search capabilities. You can also drag and drop files between your iPhone and PC.

iDevice Manager For Windows is compatible with most portable media players and is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2. It is a standalone application that automatically launches iTunes manager, allowing you to browse and manage your media files. You can even manage the files from multiple iPods and iPhones, allowing you to manage music, video, and files.

iDevice Manager For Windows can transfer your content from your iPhone to PC. It lets you browse and manage all multimedia files, and you can download selected items or the entire selection. You can also view and download your iPhone’s messages. iDevice Manager supports transferring your iPhone, iPad, and iPod to PC or Mac.

iDevice Manager For Windows is an excellent solution for managing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The app allows you to view the device’s file system and can manage files, including music, videos, SMS, and photos. The program can also transfer music, videos, and photos from one computer to another. You can view and copy your contacts, photos, videos, emails, and SMS using the USB connection.

iDevice Manager For Windows supports the transfer of videos, photos, and SMS to and from your iPhone. The software also lets you view and edit your iMessages, display your music, and play your videos. The app also enables you to copy photos and videos to your iPhone or iPad, and transfer files from your PC. The iDevice Manager supports iOS devices 11 and 8, iPhone 5, and iPod touch.

With the iDevice Manager for Windows, you can synchronize all your data from Apple devices to PC. It works seamlessly on all versions of Windows. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and the maximum control over your data is at your fingertips. With iDevice Manager, you can back up your data, manage files, and even manage ringtones.

The iDevice Manager For Windows also features the File Explorer for iOS devices. It lets you manage and view iPhone music, videos, and ringtones. It has the ability to convert any audio file into a ringtone and copy it to your iPhone. The software also lets you choose where to archive your voice memos. If you want to save voice memos to a cloud, you can use OneDrive or Dropbox.

iDevice Manager For Windows includes the audio and video converter. It even allows you to create your own ringtones. It’s a great alternative to iTunes because it’s easy to use and connects to your PC in a blink of an eye. It also allows you to transfer media files from PC to iDevice without erasing any of your existing files.

Use your iPhone as a flash drive

Your iPhone’s storage capacity ranges from 16GB to 512GB. If you have a need for more space, you can always use a USB flash drive or other external storage. You can install an iPhone mounter program to use your iPhone as an external drive. You can also use MacX MediaTrans to transfer files from your PC to your iPhone.

iDevice Manager For Windows is a powerful program that gives you access to your iPhone’s file system, lets you browse and preview photos, and even exports files. It also allows you to upload files to your computer through USB. With this tool, you can use your iPhone as a flash drive for files, photos, music, and other data.

Another useful feature of iDevice Manager For Windows is its ability to work with iOS 10 and earlier. The software is designed to sync music, videos, and photos. It also lets you organize your playlists and manage playlists.

The program is compatible with both iPhone and iPod touch models. It allows you to access your iPhone’s music and videos from your computer and can manage all of the contents of your device. You can also copy files between iPhone and PC using the drag-and-drop method.

App Details

Name: iDevice Manager

Current Version:

Setup Size: 55 MB

Other features of iDevice Manager For Windows include the ability to create custom ringtones using MP3 files. The software also allows you to transfer non-iTunes music to your iPhone. You can even turn any song into an iPhone ringtone. Other features of iDevice Manager For Windows include auto converting and decoding DRM-ed media.

The most important features of iDevice Manager For Windows include the ability to manage iPhone data on your PC. It lets you view files, edit them, and even back them up. It also has a Backup & Restores feature, which allows you to back up your iPhone data.

This feature is accessible via the Tools tab. Other features of iDevice Manager For Windows include the ability to view your iPhone’s books, movies, music, and contacts.

Apart from these features, iDevice Manager For Windows also lets you use your iPhone as a flash drive. Using the software, you can browse your iPhone on full screen on your PC and take screenshots.

Additionally, you can view installed apps and files on your iPhone. Using the software, you can also read your iPhone’s messages, contacts, and EPUB files.

Apart from backing up your data, iDevice Manager For Windows lets you backup your iPhone over WiFi. AnyTrans also supports backing up your data from external storage like SD card and iTunes.

If you don’t want to use your iPhone as a flash drive, you can also use the software to back up iPhone data. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

It doesn’t require any special drivers

Device Manager is an excellent solution for users who want to transfer files from their gadgets to their PC. It reads and writes all the file formats supported by your gadget, including MP3 and WAV files.

It even lets you transfer files from one iPod to several others. What’s more, you can manage your iPods and transfer files to them from your PC. iDevice Manager for Windows can do this without any special drivers.

To find the Device Manager, open the Control Panel, which is usually located in the Start menu or in the Apps screen. Windows 10, 8, and 7 have shortcuts for navigating to the Device Manager.

If you have an older version of Windows, you must go to the System and Security or Performance and Maintenance submenus. If you cannot locate Device Manager using the mouse, you can use the command-line method.

The iDevice Manager for Windows is designed with the latest Windows XP Service Pack 2 in mind, and it provides many of the same features as other manager software. In addition, the software doesn’t require any special drivers, so it will work on Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

Using iDevice Manager for Windows will give you easy access to your portable media player’s file system, letting you view and edit photos, send SMS messages, and even play music.

Another great feature of iDevice Manager For Windows is that it offers many safety features that help you optimize your device. Windows comes pre-installed on your computer, but it may have received many updates since you first installed it.

This can cause compatibility issues with your devices, so it’s important to install the latest drivers for your devices. It doesn’t take long to install.

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