Samsung Wifi Driver For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download Free

If you want to fix a Samsung device, you need to install the right Samsung WiFi driver. You can find the right one from Device Manager. Here are a few steps to follow.

Before you begin, check the version number. If it’s too old, download the latest version. Once the download is complete, install it. If you’re not sure how to install the driver, check out these steps:

How to download

To download the latest drivers for your Samsung device, visit the manufacturer’s website or the official Samsung website. If you do not know how to install drivers manually, you can use Windows Update to find and install the latest version of Samsung drivers for your computer.

This process takes some time, so make sure you have a fast Internet connection and are patient enough to wait a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use Driver Talent, an all-in-one Samsung driver download utility. Driver Talent allows you to download the latest drivers automatically.

The latest version of Samsung USB Driver for Windows is The driver is compatible with a variety of Samsung smartphones running Android. You can use this driver to connect your Samsung device to a Windows PC and work with it using development tools.

This driver is not designed for file transfers, so you must also install Samsung USB Driver for File Transfer. Once you have the USB driver, you can use Windows Explorer to browse files from your Samsung device.

Check version number

If you want to check the version number of your Samsung WiFi driver for Windows, you can do so by going into Device Manager and looking for the relevant driver. Once you find it, you can use it to update the driver or troubleshoot any hardware problems that may be affecting the performance of your computer.

The process is simple and straightforward and is a good way to identify which driver version you have. Once you find it, you can either run the executable file downloaded from the internet or click on “Scan” to download the driver directly.

Download Section

Software Name: Samsung Wifi Driver

Current Version: Latest

File Size: 5.4

You can also check the version number by manually going to the Device Manager. If you are using Windows Vista, pay close attention to the Driver Provider field. If it says ‘Microsoft’, you have to install the driver from the default folder.

If the Driver Date is after the Driver Provider field, you should install the latest driver from the manufacturer. To access the Driver tab, right-click or tap and hold the actual device and then click Properties.


To install Samsung Wifi Driver For Windows, go to the official website of the manufacturer or to the Samsung official site. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Update option. Once you’re connected to the Internet, Windows Update will search for the appropriate driver for your Samsung device.

This process can take some time, so make sure to have a strong Internet connection. Once the driver has been installed, restart your computer.

If your device does not work properly, you can install a new driver to fix the problem. You can do this by using the Device Manager. You can also find this in the “Peripheral Drivers” or “USB Drivers” menus.

Be sure to restart your PC after completing the procedure, or else you’ll have to reinstall the wireless router driver. If the problem persists, you can try updating the drivers again.


You can use a utility called DriverUpdate to update Samsung Wifi drivers for Windows. This tool is available for download for free. It scans your system and tells you which specific drivers need updating.

DriverUpdate will also help you update the latest Windows 11 drivers for your Samsung devices. You can also download drivers for other popular Samsung devices like the Galaxy S9.

The driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website or the official Samsung website. This method will require you to be knowledgeable about computers to install the driver. If you are not familiar with installing drivers, you can also try to update Windows automatically.

However, this method takes a long time and requires a fast Internet connection. Besides, you must know how to install drivers on Windows 10.


You can try to update your Samsung wifi driver through the official website. There are also updates for your Intel and wireless LAN cards. If you can’t connect to the internet, check whether the keyboard settings are misconfigured or your internal WiFi card is faulty.

If your internal WiFi card is faulty, try to update the driver on the Samsung website. If you are unable to connect to the internet, try connecting to another wifi network to find the problem.

Alternatively, you can also try updating your device driver manually using the Device Manager. The basic drivers will be incorporated with your windows operating system. These drivers support the basic functions of your Wireless Router hardware.

If you’re a Windows novice, you may find it difficult to manually update your Samsung drivers. To do this, you can download a driver update utility from reputable websites. This driver update tool will automatically update your Samsung drivers.

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