Sony X85J Firmware Update 2023 Download Free

Sony X85J owners have been waiting for this update for quite some time. The update comes with a number of improvements, including a new local dimming technology. It also supports VRR. And since it uses LED backlights, it also supports VRR. The update is not available for all X85J models. You need a USB flash drive to perform the update. You can also download it from the Sony website.


About Sony X85J

If you have a 2021 Sony X85J television, you might want to look for a new firmware update this week. The update fixes a problem with the TV’s local dimming, which is causing noticeable performance degradation when using HDR content.

The update also adds additional features to the Quick Settings, such as audio output switching and 4K mirroring. If you don’t have the latest version yet, download it today to enjoy the new features of this television.

Another problem the 2021 firmware update had was that it didn’t support a variable refresh rate. That was a problem with the new model that Sony had promised for its 2021 Bravia XR TVs.

It wasn’t until now that Sony finally incorporated VRR support into the new televisions. It will be good news for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners, but gamers won’t notice the difference.

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X85J models unaffected by the update

The update will not affect models of the Sony X85J series. The firmware update will bring additional features that are perfect for PlayStation 5 such as VRR support. The new feature is called 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer. The update will also bring some fixes to the X85J.

The firmware update will be available for download from the Sony support website. However, the update is not affected by the UK models of the X80J series.

App Details

Model: Sony X85J

File Type: Firmware Update

Current Version: 6.5942

Update Size: 1.8 GB

The firmware update will not affect X85J and X90J models. This is a good thing for those who have purchased these models. The update will allow users to adjust the refresh rate on the TV.

This feature is essential for gamers who are looking to avoid screen tearing. The Sony X85J series uses variable refresh rates, which will make the games look smoother.

Requires USB flash drive

Depending on your television model, you can download the latest firmware update directly onto the TV by using the support website. However, if you have a model that cannot be updated using this method, you will need to contact service help.

After downloading the update file, ensure you place it in the root folder of your USB flash drive. If you have multiple update files on your flash drive, the update process may not work as expected. You may need to format your flash drive to FAT32.

The latest firmware update for Sony TVs also includes support for 4K HDR. The new firmware update also includes advanced algorithms to reduce noise and enhance picture quality. During the upgrade process, you can continue watching TV without removing the power cord or touching buttons.

The update process can take a few minutes, so be patient. To learn more about Sony TVs, visit the Sony support website and enter your model number. You can also find your model number on the back panel of the TV. Once you have the USB flash drive, simply extract the upgrade file to the root directory.

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