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If you want to change the attributes of a file in Windows, you can use an application called Attribute Changer For Windows. This software lets you change the attributes of a file conditionally.

It also saves your settings when you close the application. Once downloaded, you can install the Attribute Changer For Windows on your computer. Once installed, you can begin changing the attributes of a file by right-clicking it and selecting Show more options.

File & Folder Tools

Attribute Changer for Windows is a free tool that lets you change multiple file attributes recursively, making it a great option for anyone who wants to edit the attributes of files on their computer.

The utility allows you to set the attributes of both individual files and folders, including the date and time of file creation. The app also lets you choose the attribute for the type of file that the file is.

Attribute Changer for Windows File and Folder Tools is an advanced program that allows you to change file attributes in Windows. With this program, you can modify the attributes of files and folders, including their name and extension.

You can even make a file look like it was created on a future date. It’s a great tool for advanced users and curious developing geeks, but it is important to note that the program requires a basic knowledge of Windows files.

Bulk FileChanger

BulkFileChanger is a free file attribute changer for Windows that works in a single-click mode. It scans a folder or sub-folder and changes the file attributes accordingly.

It also allows you to load a different.cfg file for different files. It works to change attributes such as file name, attributes, date/time, and more.

BulkFileChanger is a free program that can fit on a thumb drive and run on Windows computers. It allows you to edit file attributes such as the creation and modification date, and last accessed date. It allows you to change several file attributes at once and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

BulkFileChanger is an attribute changer for Windows that allows you to change the date or time of a large number of files.

This free portable application is portable, so you can run it on any Windows PC. Unlike other file attribute changes, BulkFileChanger does not require installation and is compatible with most versions of Windows.


If you need to change the date of a file or folder on Windows, you can use PowerShell to do it. It works by changing file attributes, such as its creation date, last modification date, accessed timestamp, and so on.

Then, you can save the changes, and then return to the old settings to preserve the old file attributes.

To change the attributes of a file in Windows 10, you can use the PowerShell Attribute Changer. This program opens the Windows File Explorer and changes file attributes in the process. You can even change the read-only access property of a file!

Command prompt

Attribute Changer is a free utility that allows you to change attribute values on files and folders. It works by editing the registry. The problem with this tool is that it may be blocked by Microsoft SmartScreen technology.

This feature checks the source of downloaded content against a security list and prevents unlisted applications from running.

You can solve this issue by installing the application from a reputable website. It is also free for commercial and noncommercial use. If you want to support its development, you can donate to its project.

Download Section

App Name: Attribute Changer

Platform: Windows

File Size: 4.2 MB

As mentioned before, files and folders have attributes that instruct the operating system on how to act. Some of these attributes are enforced by the operating system, while others are only applied by a specific user.

Files with the “read-only” attribute, for instance, will not be modified by other applications. Files that have this attribute will be warned in File Explorer when a user tries to delete it by using the DEL command.

File Attribute Changer

File Attribute Changer For Windows is an add-on for Windows Explorer that allows you to modify the attributes of files and folders.

The program is very easy to use and integrates seamlessly into the Windows environment. This app is perfect for people who need to change the attributes of their files and folders frequently.

File Attribute Changer For Windows is free to download and use. It allows you to change the attributes of several files at once and has a dedicated button for bulk changes.

The software also supports file addition and removal by wildcard or full path. You can also choose to view the original file information when changing attributes.

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