iRepair P10 DFU Box Software Latest 2024 Download



The iRepair P10 DFU box software is a tool used to repair damaged or malfunctioning smartphones. Its Chinese name is Guo Lu Zhi Zhen, but it is also known by other names, such as Ke Yi Yong, Huo Sha Lou, Ruan Jian, and Du Qu Zhi He.

iRepair P10

The iRepair P10 DFU box software can be used to repair your iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X without having to disassemble the device. The software is available for download from the iRepair website. It is not covered by a warranty and you cannot return it once you have used it.

This software has several important features. It can read and write the SYSCFG data and change the boot file. It is a comprehensive tool for repairing smartphones and tablets, with the ability to write SYSCFG data directly to the system.

It has a gold-plated aluminum case and a double-sided, white front and back panel. It also comes with a limited edition white metallic sticker.

App Details

Model: iRepair P10 DFU

File Size: 26.9 MB


This non-removal programmer works with iPhone 7/8/X and iPad without disassembling the device. It can also read the Nand flash of other models without disassembling the device.

In addition, it can retrieve the dot matrix data from the iPhone X without disassembling the device. It also supports Bluetooth and WIFI codes.

iRepair P12

The iRepair P12 DFU box software can be used for a number of different purposes. It has a number of special features that can help you get the most out of your device.

These features include a purple screen mode tool, boot file read/write, and SYSCFG data modification. It can also unbind WIFI. It has support for many models of smartphones and tablets.

iRepair P12 FAQ

The iRepair P12 is the latest tool for programming NAND memory on Mijing phones. But it is only compatible with supported models. It also does not support all software versions.

You can find the list of supported models and software versions below. You can check out the detailed information on this page to know whether the tool is suitable for your phone.

The iRepair P12 NAND Programmer is a PCI-E NAND hard disk programmer, and it can read and write the underlying data on your iPhone or iPad. It also supports reading and writing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi addresses. This device is also capable of formatting the device’s memory.

Mijing iRepair P10

Mijing iRepair P10. A one-click USB data repair tool. Its read-write serial number technology allows it to read Nand flash from iPhone and iPad devices without the need to disassemble them. The software supports iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X, iPad mini, and iPod touch models.

It can also retrieve dot matrix data from the iPhone X without disassembling the device’s Nand flash. It can also query serial numbers from iPhone 8 8P X, Bluetooth, and WIFI codes.

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