Octoplus Box Smart Card Driver For Windows Download

You can downlaod the latest USB driver of Octoplus smart card driver from this page. The Octoplus Smart Card Driver For Windows is a software application that connects your Octoplus Box to your computer.

The driver is a multi-brand application that can be downloaded for free. This software supports old and new versions of Samsung and LG ELECTRONICS cellular phones.

Download Section

Model: Octoplus Smart Card

File Type USB Driver

Driver Size: 3.79 MB

The Octopus Smart Card is a contactless smart card used for electronic payments in Hong Kong. It was first introduced in September 1997 to collect fares on Hong Kong’s mass transit system.

Since then, it has become a ubiquitous method of payment on public transport in the city.

Benefits Of USB Driver

=> Free available for download

=> Supporting all over OS

=> You will be able to connect your box with a PC

=> Many more

Its success led to the development of other contactless smart card systems, including the Navigo card in Paris and the Oyster Card in London. A similar system is used in New South Wales.

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