Midori Browser For Windows – PC 64-Bit Download

This page is about downloading the latest setup of the Midori browser. The setup can support all over OS. If you’re looking for a free and lightweight web browser, consider downloading the Midori Browser For Windows.

Midori Browser is very different from other web browsers, it has an integrated ad blocker, low consumption of ram memory and resources is the fastest browser for windows, it integrates a password manager, and much more, learn more about our differences.

This browser is designed for users who don’t want to sacrifice speed or privacy for features. However, there are some issues that you should be aware of if you want to use Midori to its full potential.

Free available for download

If you are looking for a free and lightweight web browser, Midori is the right choice. Based on Webkit, Midori supports almost all websites and has fast download speeds. It also offers multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android, and is soon to be available for iOS. It is also backed by a strong community and is available in both English and Spanish.

Midori features a sleek, lightweight interface that is extremely easy to use. It also boasts features such as a free VPN and a built-in messenger. It has customizable bookmarks, shortcuts, and sidebars. Users can also add their own shortcuts and thumbnails.


Midori is a lightweight, minimalist web browser whose name comes from the Japanese word for green. Its logo is a green cat paw. Midori is very simple to use and renders websites quickly. It also uses the same layout engine as other Linux browsers. However, there are some shortcomings.

Its user interface is uncluttered, with a single row of buttons and an address bar. It also supports standard keyboard shortcuts. The Ctrl key opens a tab and Alt+T opens a new window in the browser. It also supports the latest web standards. Midori is faster than other browsers.

App Name: Midori Browser

Platform: Windows

File Size: 37 MB

Midori also has several privacy features. For instance, it lets you block cookies that are not from your own domain. Furthermore, Midori does not store your browsing history for any period of time. It also provides an option to browse anonymously.


The Midori Browser for Windows is a free open-source web browser that has privacy features built-in. It also doesn’t slow down your computers like Chrome and Edge. It delivers the same speed and functionality but is incredibly safe and secure. It also blocks ads and doesn’t track your online activity.

Midori has many configurable settings that you can customize to meet your needs. It includes tabbed browsing, privacy settings, and font/display options. It is also a very fast browser, loading even the largest websites without any problems. It also supports standard keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+T to open a tab.

Midori’s design is similar to that of Linux apps. It features a simple, minimalist interface that is easy to use and renders websites quickly. It also uses the same layout engine as the Linux apps.


Midori is a fast, lightweight browser based on the WebKit engine. Its features include tabs, bookmarks, custom menus, flexible search settings, and a built-in module to block advertising. It also has a multilingual interface and supports connections to external extensions. It is available without installation and has a user-friendly interface.

Users can download and install extensions for Midori to make it even better. Its small interface is easy to use, and it tries to use the most common web standards. It is open-source, which means you can modify it to suit your needs. The developer takes security and privacy seriously, so it offers a variety of privacy-friendly features, including script disabling and third-party cookie blocking. It also offers customizable search parameters and a history of visited sites.

Midori was originally included in elementary OS, where it was the default browser. While Midori is no longer included with Elementary OS, it is still a great alternative. It supports HTML5, private browsing, and bookmark management. Midori is free and lightweight, and it’s part of the Xfce desktop environment’s Goodies component.

What’s New

The Maxthon search engine for the Midori browser for Windows was developed by Maxthon International CEO Jeff Chen. It was based on MyIE, a popular modification created by a Chinese programmer named Changyou. Changyou had posted most of the source code on a Bulletin board system.

He left the project in 2000, but Chen continued development. MyIE2 was released in 2002, and it benefited from contributions from users who added plug-ins and helped with debugging. In 2003, the project received its current name, Maxthon.

Maxthon offers a host of features and is a competitor to many popular browsers. These include ad blocking, offline browsing, and cloud sync. It also supports extensions and skins. It also has a feature called Ghost Browser, which allows you to log in to multiple accounts on the same computer.

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