EagleGet Free Download For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit

EagleGet is a free download manager available for Windows. It can speed up downloads by up to 6 times, and it integrates seamlessly with popular antivirus products. Whether you use it to download videos from the web or videos from YouTube, EagleGet will make the process faster and easier. The free version of EagleGet is suitable for both 32 and 64-bit computers.


EagleGet is a free download manager

EagleGet is a free download manager for the Windows operating system. It’s a powerful download accelerator that will boost download speeds significantly. It’s compatible with all popular browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, and is easy to integrate into your browser. It comes with a built-in malware checker and files integrity checker to protect your PC. It also includes a video grabber and can download a wide range of files.

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The application integrates with several popular browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The application also allows users to specify a proxy to use with each new download. Another useful feature is the ability to see the amount of free space on a selected drive. You can also view a list of active downloads and their status.

It accelerates downloads by up to 6 times

EagleGet is a free download manager that increases download speeds by up to six times. It uses multithreading technology to divide a large file into several parts and then downloads each part at a time. Once the download is complete, EagleGet rejoins all parts of the file, saving the entire combined file to your computer.

When you install the EagleGet download manager, you will see a small notification on the system tray. When this notification appears, you can click it will launch the download directory. EagleGet features various customization options in its settings, including proxy settings, automation, and download scheduler options. This means you can customize notifications as needed.

It is a video grabber

EagleGet is a freeware video grabber that supports downloading high-quality videos from websites. It supports HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, and MMS protocols. It also runs a malware scanner and antivirus to protect your system from malware and spyware. This video grabber is a great choice for Windows users.

EagleGet supports downloads from popular video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo. It uses advanced multi-threaded processing to optimize download speed and productivity. Its user interface is user-friendly and includes a task manager. You can also separate your downloads by defining custom categories.

EagleGet is easy to use and integrates into most modern browsers. It supports downloads in multiple threads, allowing you to resume your download if it breaks. The interface matches the metro look of Windows 8 and is simple to navigate. It lists download tasks on the left-hand navigation menu. You can also select multiple downloads simultaneously to maximize your download speed.

It integrates well with leading antivirus products

EagleGet integrates well with leading antivirus products and comes with a variety of security features. It allows you to implement speed limits on particular downloads and prevents low-priority files from consuming network bandwidth. It can also clean out downloads that you no longer need. It has an automated malware checker that protects you from malicious software.

You can customize EagleGet with several themes. Change the color and background image to match your preferences. You can also integrate EagleGet with popular web browsers. The program is multi-threaded and can leverage accelerated downloads. You can also set up multiple download queues for different download types and prioritize them. It also detects downloadable content on web pages so that you can get the files you need faster.

It supports a multi-language interface

EagleGet for Windows is a multimedia manager that offers unparalleled download capability and media detection. It has an intuitive interface and supports several customization options. For example, you can change the application theme, change its skin, and modify its color scheme. In addition, you can customize its notification settings. Moreover, it offers customizable download queues. It also provides various filtering options.

EagleGet supports the most popular browsers and supports downloading videos in HD quality. It also has a feature that verifies the downloaded files. You can also use EagleGet to download videos without ads. Another great feature of EagleGet is its multi-language support.

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