FMWhatsapp APK For Android Download

Having a Whatsapp account is very convenient. You can communicate with your friends and family members in a way that is simple and fast. You can send images, videos, and emojis in high quality. You can even block calls from certain people on your contact list. You can even backup and restore your data and turn off your “active” status.


Send images in high quality

Using FM Whatsapp APK For Android, you can send high-resolution images. But, there are some disadvantages to this app. For example, it is not possible to backup images to Google Drive. Moreover, sending high-resolution images on WhatsApp is not that easy. You need to go through several steps.

FMWhatsApp is a third-party mod that is designed to offer new features to WhatsApp users. In addition to the new features, it also offers incredible security features. It can hide your online status so that your contacts won’t know you’re online. It also offers a pinning feature, so that you can save your favorite chats. You can also change your app’s launcher and notification icon.

FMWhatsApp also has a feature called DND mode, which turns off your internet connection. You can turn this feature on by clicking on the three dots button.

Backup and restore data

Using FMWhatsApp, you can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. You can even make groups of up to 500 people and share unlimited media files. You can even spy on other users’ stories. In addition to that, FM WhatsApp also helps you organize your day-to-day activities.

One of the coolest features of FMWhatsApp is its ability to backup and restore data. This feature enables you to store your conversations in your local files system and restore them whenever you need. It also allows you to share the folder with other apps. You can even move the backup to a safer location.

FM WhatsApp is also known for its ability to display stories like Instagram. It also has a cool feature that allows you to freeze the last seen of a person. You can also use FMWhatsApp to send messages to unsaved contacts.

Turn off your “Active” status

Among the numerous apps on the market, WhatsApp is a top choice for many users. The app has over 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries. However, the app is missing some features. This led to the emergence of third-party versions. For instance, FM WhatsApp. This app is a mod of the original WhatsApp, which allows you to enjoy many features not available in the original version.

In FMWhatsapp, you can get to see the last seen of other users. This feature is useful for many reasons. You can also block contacts from calling you. This app also helps you customize your app interface. You can set up custom themes and change the colors of your group. You can even hide your typing status or recording status.

Block calls from certain people on your contact list

Using the FM Whatsapp APK for Android, you can block calls from certain people on your contact list. This allows you to save money and keep your phone safe from spammers and unwanted calls.

In addition, you can also block calls from unknown numbers. This will help to keep unwanted telemarketing calls out of your phone.

When it comes to blocking a contact, there are many apps and features available in the Play Store to do the trick. However, FM Whatsapp stands out as it has several features that other apps don’t.

In addition to blocking calls, FMWhatsapp APK also allows you to send bulk messages. You can also hide typing indicators and audio recording indicators. This feature is especially useful for friends who may have an unpleasant calling voice.


Those who are looking for a modified version of WhatsApp will certainly want to check out FM Whatsapp APK For Android. This is a great alternative to WhatsApp, as it offers more features and a wide range of emojis. But it can also be a risk to your security, as hackers have already been tweaking the APK file and making it malicious. Here are some precautions to protect your personal information.

FM Whatsapp APK Download

FMWhatsapp is not officially available on the Google Play Store, but you can download it as an APK file. This is a great way to get an official version of the app before it’s available on the official Play Store.

This modified version of WhatsApp will allow you to send large audio files, send more than 30 images at once, send one-time text messages, and remove media limits. You can also save unlimited statuses, pictures, and chat history. But beware, you cannot use your original phone number on FMWA. It only works with different mobile numbers.

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