HTC Software Update – Flash Tool Setup 2024 Download Free

There are several tools that will help you to update your Android firmware into the latest release. If you are running the update process please don’t disconnect mobile from the computer or don’t power it off during the repair process.

The device will automatically restart several times during the software repair process, which takes approximately 15 minutes. The most recent software version becomes available on the SUA/SRA tool within a week of a new software update. During this time, the SUA/SRA is unavailable for usage. If you have an android phone and you wish to get new features for its firmware, you just will need to update its firmware regularly.

Sometimes mobile is going to completely break, so you just need to flash it with its firmware. There are several sites which are providing free firmware files. You can always download it from this site. If you will update your mobile firmware, you will able to install new apps and games as well. There are some apps and games which no longer support the old Android OS. So you will need to upgrade the firmware if you looking to install those apps.


After updating the process, your phone will work more comfortably. The tool which we have shared will support for several phones. HTC X2, HTC One X10, HTC U Play, HTC U Ultra, HTC U11, HTC U11 life, HTC U11+, HTC U11 EYEs, HTC One S9, HTC One A9s, HTC One E9+, HTC One E9s, HTC One E9s dual sim, HTC One X9, HTC One X9 dual sim, HTC 10, HTC 10 evo, HTC Desire 10 lifestyle, HTC Desire 10 pro, HTC Desire 10 compact, HTC Desire 830, HTC Desire 830 dual sim, HTC Desire 828, HTC Desire 828 dual sim, HTC Desire 826 4G, HTC Desire 826, HTC Desire 826 dual sim, HTC Desire 825, HTC Desire 820G dual sim, HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim, HTC Desire 820G PLUS dual sim, HTC Desire 820s, HTC Desire 728, HTC Desire 728 dual sim, HTC Desire 728G dual sim, HTC Desire 650, HTC Desire 650 dual sim, HTC Desire 630 dual sim, HTC Desire 628, HTC Desire 628 dual sim, HTC Desire 626s, HTC Desire 626 dual sim, HTC Desire 626G+ dual sim, HTC Desire 626G dual sim, HTC Desire 625, HTC Desire 555, HTC Desire 550, HTC Desire 530, HTC Desire 526, HTC Desire 526G, HTC Desire 526G+, HTC Desire 526G+ dual sim, HTC Desire 520, HTC Desire 326G dual sim, HTC One A9, HTC One E9 dual sim, HTC Desire 700, HTC Desire 610, HTC One M8S, HTC Butterfly 3, HTC One ME dual sim, HTC One M9+, HTC One E9+ dual sim, HTC Desire 626, HTC One (M9), HTC Desire EYE, HTC One(E8), HTC One mini 2, HTC Desire 612, HTC Desire 510, HTC Butterfly 2, HTC One (M8), HTC Desire 816, HTC One max, HTC One, HTC One dual, HTC One mini, HTC Butterfly s, HTC J One, Desire L by HTC, Desire P by HTC, Desire Q by HTC, Droid DNA by HTC, HTC Butterfly, HTC Desire 200, HTC Desire 300, HTC Desire 500, HTC Desire 600, HTC Desire 600c dual, HTC Desire 601, HTC Desire 606w, HTC Desire 609d, HTC Desire 610, HTC Desire C, HTC Desire SV, HTC Desire U, HTC Desire V, HTC Desire VC, HTC Desire X, HTC Droid Incredible 4G, HTC E1, HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC J, HTC J Butterfly, HTC One S, HTC One S Special Edition, HTC One SC, HTC One SU, HTC One SV, HTC One V, HTC One VX, HTC One X, HTC One X+, HTC One XC, HTC One XL, HTC T327d, HTC T327w, HTC T329d, HTC T329w, INFOBAR A02. Now download the tool by managing the below download links.

HTC Software Update Tool Download

HTC Desire Flash Tool

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