Intel Iris XE Graphics Driver For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download                

This post is about to download the latest graphics driver of Intel Iris XE. Having a graphics driver on your computer ensures that the hardware works as intended. Intel releases updates for its Iris XE graphics driver regularly so that you can enjoy additional features or boost gaming performance.


Integrated graphics such as Intel UHD Graphics and Iris Xe are often found on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They don’t offer as much performance as dedicated GPUs, but they can be good enough for everyday use.

Boosts gaming performance

There are many factors that play into a gaming system’s performance, such as the processor type, GPU, memory, and motherboard. But there’s one thing you can do that will boost game performance: opt into driver boost. This will update the drivers with the latest optimizations for games and apps, improving performance and stability. It’s a great way to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Intel Iris XE Graphics is an integrated graphics solution that can be found on laptops and desktops, and it’s been updated with new features for 13th-Generation Intel Processors (Tiger Lake). It offers a maximum clock speed of 1.65GHz and up to 64 execution units, which is a big improvement over the previous version of Iris Xe, which only had 32 execution units and a maximum clock speed of 950MHz.

In addition to its integrated capabilities, Iris XE Max also offers some discrete functionality, called Deep Link. This enables a system to tap the processing power of both the Iris Xe Max discrete GPU and the integrated graphics on Tiger Lake to accelerate video transcode workloads and AI-enhanced inferencing workflows for content creation. Applications like HandBrake and Topaz Labs’ Gigapixel AI already support Deep Link.

Supports HDR

If you have a Windows PC that supports HDR, the latest Intel Iris XE Graphics Driver can help it stream 4K HDR media. This means you can watch movies in richer colors, contrasts, and more brightness than standard SDR videos.

It also helps gamers play more detailed and immersive games that use a high resolution and a higher frame rate. This is especially useful for older or less graphically intense titles that don’t require as much processing power as newer games do.

The Intel Iris XE graphics driver also lets you adjust the brightness level of standard dynamic range (SDR) content to match your monitor’s ability to display it. This allows you to enjoy more natural-looking images in dimly lit environments without sacrificing quality.

The new Intel graphics driver supports HDR gaming, video streaming and image editing on Windows 10. To use the HDR feature, you must have a compatible display or TV and the correct hardware.

Enhances visuals

When a laptop has Intel Iris XE Graphics Driver installed, it can boost gaming performance and overall visuals. However, you should be aware that this integrated graphics solution is not as powerful as Nvidia’s GPUs.

To enhance visuals, Intel Iris XE Graphics offers a new AI-enhanced upscaling technology called Xe Super Sampling. This feature works by analyzing game performance and then automatically upscaling the resolution of graphics.

The Xe Super Sampling technology uses AI algorithms and hardware acceleration to deliver better visuals in games, even at low-performance levels. It also supports HDR video output and 4x4K resolution.

This integrated GPU is a great choice for manufacturers that aim to build thin and lightweight laptops with decent processing capabilities. In addition, it is a power-efficient solution for photo and video editing applications.


To help PC users enjoy flawless graphics when they’re playing games or performing other tasks, Intel keeps releasing driver updates. It’s important to update your graphics driver as soon as possible, because it ensures that your hardware works properly and you don’t run into any issues.

Iris XE graphics is one of the most power-efficient laptop graphics processors available, and it’s available in a number of 11th-gen Intel Core processors. These include the Dell XPS 13, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 series, and Samsung Galaxy Book Pro.

However, it’s important to note that these graphics chips are not built for taxing applications or high-end gaming. They can still handle streaming video and other light tasks, but they won’t be able to handle demanding titles like Doom or For Honor.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll want to invest in a laptop that features an integrated graphics chip from AMD or Nvidia. These chips are a bit more expensive, but they can improve your gaming performance by delivering higher frame rates.

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