Linksys E1200 Firmware V2.2 Without CD Download Free

Linksys E1200 firmware has been released and free download links are available for download. A self-replicating malware worm, nicknamed The Moon, is hijacking some Linksys E series routers and possibly some Wireless-N models by exploiting a vulnerability in the way the devices verify administrator access. The worm gains access to the device and then takes control of it, disabling the firewall and possibly allowing for remote logins into your network. Upgrading the router’s firmware and turning off remote management access will protect against the worm.


The routers in your home or small business are probably your first line of defense against malicious online attacks. The built-in firewalls on most home routers are robust and can filter out incoming traffic that the user did not initiate. However, the firewalls are only as good as the firmware that runs them.

A new worm, nicknamed The Moon, is infecting some Linksys E-series and possibly some Wireless-N routers by bypassing the username and password prompt to gain access to the routers’ firmware. The worm also disables the router’s firewall, making the router susceptible to attacks outside your network.

Benefits of the new update

Upgrading the router’s firmware will not only help to prevent the worm, but it will enable the router to be configured with more sophisticated security features. You will need to know the exact model number of your router to get the correct firmware version, but fortunately, most vendors list the model number in a prominent place on their support pages.

Once you have downloaded the firmware, log in to the router’s interface using a browser and go to the administration page. Look for a link on the administrator page that allows you to update the router’s firmware. Follow the prompts to start the process, and do not disconnect or reboot your router or computer during this process. Once the upgrade is complete, a popup window should inform you that the router has successfully updated its firmware.

Backup configuration before the update

Before you upgrade your router’s firmware, make sure that you have a backup of your current configuration settings. If you have a large network with multiple computers, this is particularly important. It would be a shame to lose all the hard work that you’ve put into configuring and optimizing your network just because of one errant click during a firmware upgrade.

You can also get an even more powerful router for your Linksys E1200 by flashing it with open-source DD-WRT firmware. The DD-WRT firmware upgrade transforms the E1200 into a highly capable networking device that is ideal for both tweakers and gearheads who want to have more control over their router’s functionality.

The router can also be used to create a secure VPN connection with the DD-WRT firmware, enabling you to mask your location, encrypt your Internet communications and get around geographical restrictions on Internet content (such as Netflix) by connecting to the VPN via a tunnel from your home or office. FlashRouters offers free technical support with every DD-WRT flashed router, so you can be confident that the process will be seamless and easy to execute.

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