ArtRage For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Free Download

In this post, we have shared the most recent setup of ArtRage. Basically, ArtRage is a digital painting and drawing software that offers realistic and natural media tools. It allows artists to create artwork on their computers using a wide range of traditional art materials, such as oil paints, watercolors, and pencils, among others. ArtRage is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.

The Windows version of ArtRage provides a user-friendly interface and a variety of features designed to simulate traditional art techniques. It offers tools like brushes, palette knives, rollers, and stencils, which can be customized to achieve different effects and textures. Artists can create their own custom brushes and import images to use as references or as part of their artwork.

Layers & Blendings

ArtRage also includes layers and blending modes, allowing artists to work on different elements of their composition independently and achieve various blending effects. The software supports pressure sensitivity, which means it can take advantage of graphics tablets that offer pressure sensitivity to control the opacity and size of brushes for a more natural painting experience.

Additionally, ArtRage offers features like tracing, symmetry tools, perspective grids, and rulers, which assist artists in creating accurate and precise artwork. Finished artwork can be exported in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and Photoshop’s PSD format.

How to use

The app is so simple and easy to use. You will need to follow some points if you are going to install the app on Windows. To use ArtRage on Windows, download and install the software from here or its official website or other reputable software platforms. The software is available as a one-time purchase, and there may be different editions or versions with varying features and price points.

It’s worth noting that the information provided here is based on the knowledge available up until September 2021, and there might have been updates or changes to ArtRage since then. It’s always a good idea to visit the official website or consult the latest documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the software.

ArtRage offers intuitive and comprehensive control of the drawing tools, letting your creativity take over. The program supports layers, stencils, and stickers, plus reference images. It also simulates natural media, with oil paints that smear and watercolors that blend, as well as standard digital tools like select, cloner, symmetry, and fill.


ArtRage is a digital artist’s studio with full paint and tool settings. It’s a canvas for thick expressive oils and delicate watercolors, a sketchpad with a full set of pencils and wax crayons all in one program.

The program is very intuitive to use and gives you comprehensive control over your tools. You can tweak every aspect of a tool, from its color and size to the way it feels on the surface.

The program also features great tool interaction with elements like paper texture, allowing you to create a painting that looks natural and realistic. It’s easy to get stuck in and start painting without even realising how much power is available under the hood!


ArtRage has a wide range of drawing tools that allow you to draw on a digital canvas with natural pencils and ink pens. It also has painting tools such as watercolor and oils that make it easy to paint a picture that looks like it was painted on real paper.

The program provides intuitive and comprehensive control over the drawing tools so that your creativity can take the lead. For example, you can use the brush to mix fast, emotive strokes with gentle, feathering dabs or whatever method suits you best.

It also offers great element interaction, such as water soaking into the paper and oil paint scumbling on the surface. There are also features to help with efficiency, including a settable auto-save timeout and faster saving for large documents.


Whether you are a painter or a sketcher, this software has many digital tools to help you. It has a clean interface that gets out of your way while you paint. It features natural painting tools like oils and watercolors along with sketching tools, pencils, ink pens, and more. You can also use layers and a variety of useful utilities to enhance your work.

There are also fully compatible file formats between desktop and mobile editions of ArtRage, meaning that you can start a painting on an iPad Pro and then move to your computer to continue working on it. Purchasing this version gives you a permanent upgrade discount to future desktop editions, too.


A stencil prevents the paint from being applied to the Canvas beneath. Stencils can be used to make outlines and are available in the Stencils Panel, they have a Pin that attaches them to the Canvas and can be moved around using Ctrl (Mac) / Alt (Windows) Click Dragging.

You can also use Views to keep track of your painting as you zoom in for detailed work. A View works like a Polaroid photo and can be dragged to move around, or scaled up to help you recreate small mobile paintings at a larger size without losing quality. You can also create your own custom resources and record scripts in ArtRage.


Stickers provide a different way to use paint and allow you to create interesting textures. The New Sticker Sheet screen lets you set up various options to control the image, texture, and gloss (Shine) of each sticker. ArtRage is designed to be easy to learn for beginners who want to get creative with digital painting and drawing without getting distracted by complex controls.

Traditional artists will find that ArtRage can be used to prototype ideas before spending money on canvas or pigment. Teachers can use it as a bridge between traditional tools and digital painting to let students see how similar techniques work in different software.


A tracing image is an existing image that can be projected onto the Canvas to act as a guide for painting. This can be used to help with shapes and other details or to sample colors for use in painting. The tracing panel allows you to show or hide the image, transform it, and change its opacity. It also includes the tracing options menu which can be used to set various properties of the image.

ArtRage is a professional quality program from Ambient Design that offers realistic painting tools, a powerful drawing suite, and sophisticated digital image editing and tracing. It’s easy enough for beginners and rich enough for professionals, all at a bargain price.

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