Tweaking Toolbox For Windows Download Free

You can get the latest setup of the Tweaking Toolbox by managing this page. The software is free and safe. You will need to just download and install it on your PC. The app is in small size so it will take a little bit of time to download. Basically, Tweaking Toolbox For Windows is a program that allows you to tweak, clean, and optimize your system. It is designed by AlomWare and offers a variety of features to improve your PC’s performance. This program can make your computer faster, more secure, personal and easier to use with just a few clicks. It also includes advanced options that most cleaning programs don’t offer.


Tweaking Toolbox For Windows is a utility program that offers users various third-party tools for optimizing their system. It allows them to tweak their desktop settings, remove unnecessary programs, and customize Windows features. It also helps them improve computer performance by disabling certain services and several UWP apps.

The program also allows users to keep the core system in memory rather than paged to disk to improve performance. It also lets them create and customize context menu entries, add an icon to the navigation pane in File Explorer, and more.

Another handy feature of this program is that it enables them to change the time interval for the Internet Time Synchronization feature. Additionally, it can lock down the Control Panel and help them prevent other users from changing their settings. It can also find and help them remove useless clutter (even “unremovable” Windows components). Lastly, it comes with import/export functionality for configuring multiple accounts.


If you want to make your XP machine run faster and better, Tweaking Toolbox For Windows is the software you need. It has tons of customization options for your desktop, start menu, IE and Outlook as well as your control panel. It also comes with a bunch of maintenance tools that will clean up your drive and improve performance.

It runs a bunch of tests and re-configures settings to help with performance. It also does a basic repair of the system. It isn’t as comprehensive as UVK or TechSuite, but it does have a few dozen tweaks that aren’t in those programs.

Its only downside is the yearly cost. However, it only takes one repair to pay for the program. It’s still the best option for keeping track of third-party repairs. It can even integrate with RepairShopr with the ticket number. It’s a good companion to UVK and d7x.


The best tweaking tools for Windows 10 provide a range of customization and optimization options. They can be used to improve the appearance of your desktop, control panel, and Internet Explorer and even add new features like shortcut overlays. A program that allows you to modify the look and feel of your taskbar, including icons, color schemes, and grouping. It can also make your PC run faster by reorganizing tasks and removing unnecessary programs.

The utility for any serious Windows tweaker! Change hundreds of hidden registry settings to improve the Window’s appearance, performance, and functionality. Prevent others from changing your settings, increase Windows security, lock down Control Panel applets and Internet Explorer options, choose which applications can or can’t be run on the computer, and optimize CPU and memory usage for programs, system cache or background services. You can even add ‘unremovable’ Windows components to the Add or Remove Programs list and uninstall them after all.

What’s New

The program allows changing many hidden Windows registry settings to improve its appearance, security, performance, and functionality. It also lets users keep others from changing these settings as well as remove useless clutter (even “unremovable” Windows components).

Tweaking Toolbox also includes a number of tools for fixing computer problems. This program can repair system errors, defragment disks and free up space. It can even disable unused programs and fix the ones that are running in the background.

The program could be improved if it were to display information about the third-party programs that are downloaded and loaded on the PC. This would make it easier for inexperienced or less tech-savvy users to figure out what will happen when they click on something such as Don’t Sleep, RegSeeker or Puran. Also, some of these programs might trigger malware alerts from AV software. This is another reason why it is important to be careful about the programs that are downloaded and executed.

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