ApeosPort C3070 Driver For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download

The new ApeosPort series accelerates your business evolution, removing technological barriers to add more flexibility to your work. The versatile feature set combines top security certifications, predictive maintenance and automated workflows to seamlessly integrate into your work environment. Transmitted fax documents can be automatically retained as image logs, enabling prompt investigation should confidential information leaks occur.

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With top security certifications, predictive maintenance and a variety of workflows, ApeosPort devices are designed to accelerate business evolution by removing technology barriers. They slip easily into the work environment, with a light and sound system that communicates its status and helps avoid information leaks by signaling when documents are ready to be collected.

With a heavy, strong chassis to minimize vibrations during peak loads, the device offers top image resolution, and supports printing of varying sizes, up to 320 x 1200 mm and up to 300 gsm with long print*2 functionality. *2: Adding the optional Wireless LAN kit allows customers to enable wireless connectivity between the device and their mobile devices.


Scanning documents with the ApeosPort is as simple as pressing a button. It automatically chooses the correct file format (TIFF, JPEG, DocuWorks or PDF), and performs OCR processing* for easy searching. It also selects the destination by recognizing document-specific data such as the N-up option or page numbering.

Security measures help protect your confidential information. When e-mailing or scanning, device certificates can be imported to prevent unauthorized distribution and the use of digital signatures to verify authenticity. Job logs can be stored and managed to detect modifications, and a tamper-proof image capture function is available for a more secure environment.

New ApeosPort devices from FUJIFILM Business Innovation accelerate your workflow by removing technological barriers and adding flexibility to the workplace. They come equipped with a powerful set of high quality features from top security certifications to predictive maintenance and automated workflows, seamlessly fitting into any work environment.


A fax modem turns documents into a format that a phone line can understand. The document is sent over the Internet or a dedicated fax line to an individual fax number. The document is then decoded and printed by the recipient’s fax software on their computer. Ensures the product properly rings before sending a fax using Distinctive Ring Service. This service allows your telephone company to assign a unique ring pattern to each fax number.

Turns on Error Correction Mode (ECM) to automatically correct errors in received faxes. ECM is enabled by default in most fax machines over VoIP, but it often generates needless retransmission of entire pages of data. Disabling ECM can save fax transmission time and costs.

Wireless Networking

Easily connect to wireless networks using the built-in WiFi. The device also has a USB port for wired network connectivity if you prefer that option. Additionally, the ApeosPort C3070 Driver features a powerful security suite that keeps your data safe and secure.

The New ApeosPort devices from Fuji Xerox are designed to accelerate your business evolution, removing technological barriers to add greater flexibility to your work environment. Featuring a versatile feature set of top security certifications, predictive maintenance and automated workflows, these devices slip right into your existing work environment.

The ApeosPort C3070 is the ideal solution for businesses that require a well-balanced multifunction device as a primary/secondary printer. Its quick and simple operability allows you to effortlessly share documents, streamline operations for remote work style, safeguard important information, and more.

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