HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download

This page is about to download the latest driver of HID fargo DTC1500. The download links are so simple and easy to manage. You will need to just follow the download section menu to get the driver. A new Windows 10 update has created an issue impacting bi-directional communication between your card printer and software. ID Zone offers a solution to get your printing up and running again.

The DTC1500 is a powerful on-demand printer/encoder that delivers the quality and security you demand. Innovative, built-in security features like resin scramble data protection and a custom overlay watermark come standard on every unit.

1. Installation

The DTC1500 is the most advanced and secure dual-sided PVC ID card printer in the market. Featuring a three year manufacturer warranty, the printer is engineered for superior reliability.

Using the CUPS web interface you can view and configure print job configuration options. These are accessed through the Print Queue Administration window (Printers > your printer name) and Set Default Options window.

Upgrade your single-sided DTC1500 to a dual-sided unit with our user-installable lamination module. The dual-sided DTC1500 is also modular and offers field-upgradeable options such as a magnetic stripe encoder, contact or proximity smart card encoders and more. Plus, this printer is GreenCircle certified to reduce its environmental impact. Watch our product demonstration video to learn more about this innovative card printer.

2. Configuration

Built on two decades of direct-to-card printing expertise, the HID Fargo DTC1500 offers a powerful card printer with a unique set of security features to address your organization’s identity needs. Resin scramble data protection (used resin panels are rendered unreadable) and a customizable overlay watermark feature come standard, while password protection and AES 256 data encryption provide additional security options.

Easily upgrade your DTC1500 with user-installable modules for magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart card encoding and lamination for added durability. The modular design of the DTC1500 makes upgrading a breeze and allows for a seamless transition to higher levels of security as your organization’s requirements evolve.

The DTC1500 also includes an industry leading three year manufacturer warranty on the printer and printhead, and our renowned ID Zone TrueSupport coverage plans that include toll free technical support and fast turn-around.

3. Printing

The HID Fargo DTC1500 is an advanced ID card printer that delivers a complete printing solution. Featuring high-performance and enterprise-grade security features, it is an ideal choice for government ID projects, universities, hospitals and medium to large sized organizations seeking distinguishable, professional-quality full-color ID cards.

Two important security features, standard password protection and AES 256 data encryption help keep information safe. Additional security is provided by a custom watermark overlay feature that masks the resin panel, making counterfeiting nearly impossible. Plus, the resin threshold settings provide darker, crisper text and barcodes.

The DTC1500 also offers low-cost, high-capacity consumables and GreenCircle Certified ribbons to reduce your cost-per-card while protecting the environment. Its modular, scalable design simplifies in-field equipment upgrades and enables the addition of optional lamination and encoding modules.

4. Lamination

This ID card printer with lamination helps protect your cards from everyday wear and tear by applying a layer of durable laminate. It also makes it more difficult for fraudsters to tamper with your cards by obscuring text and images when they try to peel back the laminate.

This Fargo printer is designed with important security features including a printer password, obfuscating text and a resin scramble feature that allows users to essentially erase any printed data that could be extracted from the K panel of used ribbons. Fargo also offers a three-year manufacturer warranty on both the printer and printhead.

The HID Fargo DTC1500 PR-FG-51410 is a versatile direct-to-card printer that can be field upgraded with encoding capabilities, lamination and wi-fi connectivity for even greater functionality. This printer is an ideal choice for government ID projects, schools and universities, K-12, healthcare facilities and small to medium-sized businesses.

5. Encoding

Built on 20 years of proven direct-to-card printing expertise, the HID Fargo DTC1500 printer and encoder offers the convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables with a comprehensive feature set – enabling organizations to routinely issue secure cards and IDs at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. This model boasts distinctive security capabilities perfect for government ID projects, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities and small-to-medium businesses.

Standard password-protected printer operation, AES data encryption and Fargo’s resin scramble (obscures “K” panel text by shifting it between print passes) are just a few of the many features that protect card issuance programs from fraudulent activities. You can even add a custom overlay watermark to your badges using this printer, at no additional cost!

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