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Here is the latest APK of Kiwi browser available for download. Kiwi Browser is a quality web browser that works well on Android TV devices. It’s based on Chromium and can run Chrome extensions. There are several sites that has shared the latest APK of Kiwi browser. But you will found most recent on here.

It’s lightweight and uses fewer resources than other mobile browsers. It also offers ad blocking, a data-saving mode, and privacy protection. It can also translate pages into 60+ languages.

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Kiwi Browser is a Chromium-based web browser for Android with a lot of features. It was one of the first browsers to offer Chrome extensions and it recently went open-source, extending extension support to other Chromium-based apps.

Its built-in ad blocker and the optimized engine give you blazing fast page load speeds. It also blocks hackers from using your device’s processor to mine cryptocurrency and has a built-in night mode.

You can import your bookmarks from other browsers or add them in the app. It also allows you to choose where the downloaded files will be saved. This is a great feature for people who are always downloading files from the Internet.

Another cool feature is the ability to block slow and invasive trackers that invade your privacy. In addition, it has a variety of advanced settings for your browsing experience. For example, you can block notifications or disable the address bar. It also includes an incognito mode and a private tab.


Developed by Geometry OU, Kiwi Browser is a web browser that is designed for Android. It is based on open source Chromium project and features the same capabilities as Google Chrome.

It is extremely lightweight and has a minimalistic UI design that gets out of your way. The browser also uses Chromium engine to ensure that pages load super fast. Furthermore, it offers an extensive set of downloads and extensions that other browsers for Android lack.

Other notable features include a night mode that is highly comfortable to use on AMOLED screens, crypto jacking protection that prevents your phone from being used to mine for cryptocurrency, Facebook Web Messenger integration, and customizable contrast & gray-scale mode.

Kiwi Browser is compatible with all devices that run on the Android operating system including Amazon Fire TV and Firestick Cubes, Kindle Fire HD tablets, and NVIDIA Shield. To install it on your device, simply enable apps from unknown sources in the settings of your streaming device.


With this application, you can surf the Internet, read news, watch videos, and more, all without the usual annoyances that most Android browsers have. This app, published by Geometry OU, lets you navigate the web super fast thanks to an optimized engine that is based on Chromium and WebKit. Plus, you can use extensions that work in Chrome for an even better experience.

Besides the incredible page loading speed, Kiwi Browser offers a lot of other useful features. For example, it protects you against crypto jacking and allows you to choose where downloads are saved. It also has a dark mode and an automatic pop-up blocker.

Kiwi Browser is a great alternative to most Android browsers, thanks to its clean interface and customization options. You can import and export bookmarks, change the search engine, and customize your homepage. In addition, it lets you choose a custom theme and manage notifications. Lastly, it supports Android TV and has a night mode that makes browsing more comfortable.


Aside from its ad and popup blocking features, Kiwi Browser also provides security measures that are meant to keep your data safe online. This includes a built-in anti-virus scanner, which can detect malware and viruses on your device. It also blocks slow and invasive trackers to protect your privacy. Additionally, it allows you to choose where your downloads are stored.

Moreover, the modded version of Kiwi Browser may offer upgraded privacy and security features that help you block tracking devices and prevent cryptojacking. It may also have expanded functionality through extension support.

Because Kiwi Browser is a smartphone app, it cannot be installed and used on a PC directly. However, it is possible to use it on a PC by using an Android emulator. The best ones are BlueStacks and Nox Player. These emulators can run apps and games by emulating the Android OS. However, they can consume a lot of system resources. Therefore, it is advisable to check their minimum and required system requirements before installing them.

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