Dell Vostro 3558 Sound Driver For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download

If you are using any laptop or PC and have installed the new OS on it, then you will need to install most important things like drivers. There are several types of driver that you should need to install. This post is about to download the latest setup of Dell Vostro 3558 sound driver. The Dell Vostro 3558 is a business notebook in the 15 inch class. It is aimed at small businesses. It is available with Ubuntu and Windows in some countries.

Its processor is able to handle a range of tasks. These include software applications, internet browsing and communication. The computer can also play games. It can manage smooth gameplay in titles with a medium level of detail.

Dell Vostro 3558 Overview

The Dell Vostro 3558 is a 15.6-inch laptop with an all-plastic chassis. It is powered by a low-voltage Intel Pentium or Celeron processor, and can be equipped with up to 16GB of RAM. The notebook also has a WLAN adapter for wireless networking.

The model we tested came with an Intel Core i5-5200U (Broadwell) dual-core CPU with a base clock of 2.2 GHz. The processor can reach speeds of up to 2.5 GHz and 2.7 GHz using Turbo Boost.

We measured a maximum power consumption of 6 Watts while idling and found that the device is very frugal when it is inactive. Under load, the CPU and GPU throttle to prevent overheating.

The Dell Vostro is a great cheap working device for companies and private users. It is powerful enough for most tasks, gets hardly warm, and has decent input devices. However, typical business features like a TPM chip or biometric security are missing. The lack of a digital-video output is another drawback.


The Dell Vostro 3558 laptop has good sound capabilities. Its speakers are loud and clear, but they do lack bass. Nevertheless, this is not a problem for most users, as the Dell Vostro 3558 laptop is designed primarily as a business device.

The keyboard is a non-illuminated chiclet design with flat and roughened keys that have short travel and well-defined pressure points. The Dell Vostro 3558 also comes with a mediocre trackpad. It is a bit sluggish, and the mouse buttons have a slightly tinny feel to them.

The Dell Vostro 3558 is very frugal while idling, with a maximum consumption of 6 Watts. During our stress test, however, the CPU and GPU are throttled; their power consumption is therefore higher than expected.

Audio Drivers

Dell Vostro 3558 laptops come equipped with a range of hardware components, including a built-in WiFi adapter that enables wireless internet connectivity. To ensure optimal performance and seamless online connectivity, it’s important to keep the Dell Vostro 3558 WiFi drivers up-to-date. This will help eliminate failures and improve compatibility and stability.

The Dell Vostro 3558 is an affordable business notebook that provides excellent performance for office applications and light multitasking. Its Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive provide enough processing power for most tasks. It also comes with a variety of software applications for productivity, web browsing, and communication.

The Dell Vostro 3558 has a battery that lasts for about 7 hours on a single charge. This is less than Dell’s other affordable business notebooks, but the device is still a great choice for small businesses. Its clean design and sturdy build make it easy to transport and use. It’s also a good option for home users who need a durable, reliable computer.

Audio Settings

The Dell Vostro-series primarily aims to be a working device for companies and business users, but thanks to its generally low price it might also be interesting for private individuals. The Dell Vostro 3558 is based on Intel’s Broadwell processor and has a matte 15.6-inch display. The measured maximum consumption of the notebook is 6 Watts, which is very low compared to competitors.

The laptop is usually quiet and only gets a little warm when idling. Even when the CPU and GPU are boosted during our stress test, they consume only 25.5 Watts. This value is a good indication that Dell designed the device to be as energy efficient as possible.

The included accessories include a quick-start poster and a DVD with the software Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials. A maintenance hatch on the bottom of the device grants access to the hard drive, RAM and WLAN module. A standard VGA port is missing, which could be a problem for some business users when connecting external displays.

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