MediBang Paint Pro For Windows 7/10 64-Bit Download

The latest setup of Medibang paint pro has been released by its developers and free download links are available for download. Medibang Paint Pro is a robust drawing app with a focus on manga and comics. So far MediBang Paint pro is available for desktop and android devices. It has brilliant feature of Group Project that makes it easy to collaborate with others even if you’re working separately.

Layers are one of the most important functions in any digital art program. This article will help you get started with them in MediBang Paint Pro. The download process is so simple and easy. You will need to follow provided links to get the app.

Getting Started

As the most widely used digital drawing application, MediBang Paint has a lot to offer. Now the developers of the app recently switch to a premium experience and in the premium section the company has left many existing users in a bind.

Without warning, users who had multiple GBs of work on the cloud received messaging that their files would be deleted if they didn’t pay an annual fee up front.

Despite its robust features, MediBang Paint is sleek and lightweight and runs smoothly on your computer. It supports layer function with snap guides to help you draw lines and curves perfectly.

It also allows you to create across platforms so you can draw on the go with your tablet and then pick up where you left off when you’re back home. It is important to note, however, that you will need a MediBang account to access everything the software has to offer.


Medibang Paint Pro is a reliable drawing software with many unique features. It has a sleek design and runs smoothly without slowing down your computer.

The program offers basic and advanced drawing features. It has a detailed layers function that lets you edit graphics easily. It also comes with snap guides to help you draw in perspective or make speed lines for action scenes.

Moreover, unlike Krita, Medibang Paint Pro is available on multiple operating systems. The app is specially for those artists who use desktop and mobile devices to create artwork. Additionally, Medibang has a specialized focus on cartoon creation. This makes it the best choice for comic art creation and management.


In order to create the most precise details possible it’s important to use layers. MediBang Paint Pro offers a full set of features for creating and managing your layers.

Layers can be added and deleted freely as well as being locked or duplicated. Locked layers are indicated by a lock icon, and can only be edited by double-clicking the layer or pressing Esc.

In addition to the normal layer blending modes, MediBang Paint Pro also offers several other special layers like layer masks and stencils. These types of layers require additional steps and specific knowledge to properly utilize. We’ll talk more about these later in this article. We’ve also reduced the likelihood of an error occurring when saving a cloud file. We’ve also fixed a bug that caused the canvas and manga guide size to display incorrectly.

Layer Masks & Stencils

Like most art programs Medibang Paint Pro has a layer function. This allows you to create a wide range of effects such as drawing in perspective or making speed lines for action scenes. Layers also make it easy to work with multiple panels for your manga or comic.

The program will work smoothly on your computer due to its smooth look and user-friendly interface. It even supports keyboard shortcuts so you can work faster than ever.

The app has 800 free pre-made tons and backgrounds to use. It also features cloud storage and syncing of brush settings across devices.

The developers has added group project feature that makes it easy to work with others no matter where they are located. The only downside is that if you exceed the 3GB cloud limit you will be locked out of your art until you pay for a premium annual plan starting at $22 USD/year.

Blend Modes

Blend Modes determine how two layers interact with one another. They take different kinds of inputs into account (luminosity, hue, saturation, etc). They also have different effects on the image you’re blending with.

Some blending modes have shortcuts you can use to quickly rotate through them. For example, the Add mode adds color information to both base and blending layers. The Overlay mode behaves like the Add mode in bright areas, and it behaves like the Multiply mode in darker areas.

The Darken mode darkens the colors of the base layer by multiplying them with the pixels in the blending layer. The Lighten mode does the opposite, making light colors lighter. The Hue blend mode keeps the base layer’s luminosity and saturation, but uses the blending layer’s hue.

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