ShaperBox For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

ShaperBox For Windows

ShaperBox For Windows is a bundle of powerful effects from Cableguys. It hosts the effects Time, Drive, Noise, Crush, Volume, Pan and Width Shapers in one plugin.

Transform beats, basslines, melodies & more into dynamic FX. Draw modulation shapes with easy-to-use LFOs that react to audio, and create curved or stepped waveform patterns. Visualise the dynamics of your mix with high-res waveform displays that lock to beats & bars, or external sidechain view.

Powerful Effects in One Plugin

The all-new Shaperbox bundle features nine powerful effects in one plugin, including Time, Drive, Filter, Noise, Crush and a new Liquid flanger/phaser. Each effect uses a visual LFO-envelope style of defining how the effect changes over time. This rhythmic control can be triggered by a beat, bars, audio or MIDI, and even the external sidechain of any effect within the chain.

This lets you tightly hug the dynamic contours of drums, basslines, vocals – anything. Experience analogue-like filters, timewarped stutters, future phaser/flanger FX, multiband distortion and punchy compression – all while retaining the clarity of your music.

A huge library of presets, both official and shared by the community, provides endless inspiration for groovy chops, motion-packed sweeps and more. A slick, user-friendly preset browser makes it easy to find the right sound for your mix. Plus, a master wet/dry mix control and improved Master Mix mode give click-free smooth transitions between effects in your chain.

Easy-to-use Waveform-Editing Tools

Animate any effect over time with ShaperBox’s easy-to-use waveform-editing tools. Easily draw in LFO-style curves that control a wide variety of functions, from simple transient envelopes to distortion, filter plucks and more. Or get creative and use a beat or bar-based sidechain to trigger tape-stops, filter patterns and more from drums, basslines, real instruments, melodies or even full mixes.

Cableguys have reworked the best-in-class pointer tool to make drawing any type of curve even easier and faster. Draw curved, stepped or ramped shapes with a single click and bend them to fit your sound – or create an endlessly flexible curve with the new pointer tool by simply dragging on the waveform.

Shaper Box 3 features some major improvements as well as all the powerful effects from previous versions of the bundle. For example, DrumShaper now offers a wide range of rhythm-tracking creative algorithms and an improved multiband compressor, whilst LiquidShaper now allows you to modulate its Centre and Feedback parameters independently across three frequency bands for a huge range of sonic possibilities from gentle stereo modulations to monstrous robotic comb filter FX.

Trigger All 9 Effects with Any Sound

Boost, filter, modulate, crush, pan, and more. Endless inspiration and mix magic in one powerful, rhythmic plugin. Created by Cableguys and used by the likes of David Guetta, Madeon, and Showtek, ShaperBox is an industry-standard sidechaining plugin that goes beyond standard sidechaining. Infinite modulation and a visual interface make this a perfect choice for beat-driven effects, creative drum loop mangling, and sample-tight compression.

ShaperBox 3 offers even more power-packed features, including an external sidechain input for any sound (including kicks), a new show/hide External Sidechain view in VolumeShaper, and a reworked browser with clear categorisation. New LFO shapes take you beyond the conventional, and a new LiquidShaper effect adds wild jet-plane flanging and deep phasing.

A full range of Envelope Followers lets you trigger the Shaper effects with any signal, for dynamic time-twists, distortion envelopes, filter plucks, and transient design. With Sample-Tight Accuracy, all effects now sync to beats and bars for dynamic control that is always in time with your music.

Visualise the Dynamics of Your Music

A new flanger/phaser, a refreshed preset browser and power-packed features make Shaperbox 3 the ultimate tool for modern mixes. Whether it’s to breathe new life into a stale loop or create a whole track from scratch, this multi-effect powerhouse delivers endless modulation possibilities – all within an easy-to-use workflow.

All nine effects are modulated by a dedicated LFO that you can draw directly in the waveform view, synchronized to MIDI or triggered with audio thanks to the new Audio Triggering mode. In addition, a powerful mix-controller offers sophisticated control over filtering, volume, panning and stereo width – and the flow of time.

In-depth video tutorials from Studio Pro Larry Holcombe show how to use every facet of this incredible suite of effects. Including how to work with the visual compressor on each individual band in VolumeShaper 7 and triggering the new Drive shaper with audio for a variety of distortion styles with grip and tone control.

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