China Smart TV Firmware & Flash Tool Download Free

If you wish to flash China’s smart TV, then use the tool that we have shared here. The tool allows you to flash your TV via PC. You can also install the firmware of any TV by using a USB data cable. The process of updating a smart TV firmware is a little more complicated than simply pressing the power button. Depending on the model and menu system, you will need to perform certain tasks.

Samsung TV Firmware Download

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How to use

The tool is so simple and easy to use. During the software update process, your TV receives and installs the latest software via broadcast waves. The process may take up to a maximum of 36 hours to complete. The steps to perform a software update vary depending on the menu system of your television.

Press the HOME button on your remote control, and select Customer Support or Product Support. If the automatic software update or automatic software next 24 to 36-hour download option is set to On, the latest software in its release stage will automatically be transmitted and downloaded.

The tool also provides users with more options for device customization and bug fixes. It includes built-in drivers that allow it to communicate with the device and carry out tasks such as flashing firmware.

Installation process

To keep your TV up to date with the latest software, it’s important to connect it to the Internet. This will let you receive and install software updates directly. Depending on your TV model, you may also be able to receive the latest software via broadcast waves.

To update your TV, select the menu option that applies to your TV type. Follow the steps to check for and download an available software update. You can also install an update using a USB flash drive. This method works for most TV models, but you must make sure that the update file is saved in the root directory and that the USB flash drive is formatted to FAT32.

If you have the Automatic software update setting turned on, your TV will automatically search for and download the latest version of its operating system when it is in standby mode. This process typically takes 24 to 36 hours.


Keeping your TV up to date with the latest software can improve performance and features. To update your TV, ensure that the Automatically check for and receive software download setting is set to On. You can also update the firmware manually by downloading it from our support website and using a USB flash drive to install it on your TV. You must agree to Sony’s Privacy Policy to download software updates on your TV.

If you are having trouble updating your TV’s Firmware, it may be because of a corrupted file or incorrect installation. The easiest way to fix this is by removing the screws holding the power board and carefully inspecting it.

Look for small “can-shaped” Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. Bad capacitors are the most common cause of a power board failure and are easy to replace. The steps to update the firmware differ depending on your TV model type. Watch the video that applies to your TV or skip to the steps.

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