Opera Offline Installer For PC Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download Free

You can get the latest and offline installer setup of the Opera browser from this page. The download links are so simple and easy to manage. You will need to just follow the download buttons on this page that we have provided. Opera is a free next-generation web browser for Windows that prioritizes privacy and empowers users. It offers a built-in free VPN, ad blocker, and battery saver. It runs on the versatile Chromium engine and supports numerous extensions. It also allows data synchronization across platforms, including iOS and Mac OS.

Faster & Smooth

If you use the Opera browser, you will get fast & smooth browsing. You can use it for personal and office use. Its high-speed downloader will help you to download files in moments. You can also resume paused downloads. Opera is a web browser that comes with multiple improvements that make it a fast browsing option. It uses fewer resources than its competitors, runs smoothly, and loads pages quickly.

The program features a customizable Speed Dial, a Discover feature for finding fresh web content, and data-saving Opera Turbo mode. It also has built-in communication apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, a synchronized file transfer function, and visual bookmarks. One of the most interesting features is the ability to enable or disable stuttering when scrolling through web pages using mouse gestures. This is a great way to reduce the stress on your eyes and hands.

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Other notable features include the ability to listen to music or chat with friends through the sidebar, watch popped-out videos while surfing, and organize tabs with Workspaces. The program also offers advanced privacy settings and over 1000 extensions. It also supports the new HTTPS protocol. With a simple cache system, Opera can re-use already downloaded image/script data and thus load web pages faster.

Customizable Speed Dial

It has the extra feature of a Customizable speed dial. When you use a browser, there are always certain sites that you visit over and over again. But how you get to those sites can vary from one browser to the next. With Opera, you have the option to set up a Speed Dial that is full of the websites that you use most often. By default, this is filled with sites like popular video games and websites.

You can also organize the Speed Dial into different folders if you like one for news, shopping or social media sites, for example. And you can move or remove a site by hovering over it and clicking the circle with three dots on it. You can also change the image of a Speed Dial thumbnail. Just be sure to replace it with a PNG file that’s the same size or larger than the thumbnail itself. This is an option that only a few other browsers offer. It’s a great way to customize your web browsing experience.


Opera’s extension store offers a variety of features that improve browser performance and personalize your browsing experience. These include ad blockers, battery savers, visual bookmarks, and more. You can also customize your Speed Dial with a collection of your favorite websites. You can even use a built-in VPN service to keep your online activity private.

With its smart browsing and fast speed, Opera is one of the best Chromium-based web browsers in the world. It has a sleek design, customizable Speed Dial, Discover feature to find fresh web content, data-saving Opera Turbo mode, and a number of extensions that make the app stand out from other similar competitors.

You can even synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, and history between PCs, tablets, and mobile phones with the help of Opera’s Sync tools. This browser is also equipped with ad and tracker blocking technology, and it can detect phishing attacks and malware that could harm your computer. It’s a great choice for those looking for an advanced browser that can give them more functionality without having to install too many additional plugins.


Opera offers a range of features that prioritize your privacy, like its free VPN, ad and tracker blockers and incognito mode. It also has a variety of entertainment features, such as the ability to stream music from various platforms directly from its browser window.

When you’re using a private browser session, Opera automatically deletes your browsing history, site cookies and downloaded files when the browser is closed. You can clear this data by clicking Advanced in the left menu and selecting “Clear browsing data.”

The browser also scans pages for known phishing or malware sites, giving you a warning if a website is trying to deceive you or take your passwords or install a bug. In addition, a security badge is displayed in the combined address and search bar when a page is encrypted to show that no one can spy on your connection. You can even disable individual plug-ins. Some users are concerned about Opera being bought by a Chinese company, but the company hasn’t had any significant security breaches since 2016. Moreover, there are no reports of the Chinese government spying on Opera users.

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