Focus Me 2024 For Windows Download Free

Here is the latest setup of FocusMe available for windows. You can get it absolutely free from this page. Focus Me is a first-rate productiveness tool to help you improve your painting habits, remove bad on line habits, and store time. It’s extraordinary easy to use and installation, cheap and comes with amazing support.

Block distracting websites and apps with the integrated time tracker or timetable a particular plan for any day of the week. Use scripting to optimize the manner of your work.

Blocking Distractions

Block distracting websites and apps to right away boom productiveness and get hours again. The customizable app helps you to construct better conduct with the integrated Pomodoro timer or schedules.

It lets you select which websites and apps to dam forever or limit them for a detailed time (from 15 minutes to months or maybe years). The software program is easy to use and has a first-rate customer support group.

It offers multi-tool management and blocks websites on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome browsers. It is likewise a completely effective tool for college students, faraway workers, and each person who desires self-control to live on a mission. You can pause plans, change their settings, and set a passcode to release blocked websites. You also can add damage reminders to the calendar to help you live efficient and balanced.

Time Tracking

A powerful time monitoring characteristic allows you to monitor how long you spend on a specific internet site or software compared to others. This is useful for supporting you modify your work conduct and improve your focus.

Block distracting websites, restrict display screen time, and impose spoil schedules with an effective “force” mode. Get stimulated to stick with effective exercises with smash reminders and productiveness metrics.

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FocusMe is strong and ever-present; it’s an effective tool that enables you to construct higher conduct for the long term. The help group is likewise extremely good (and low-priced). I really endorse it. – Chris H., IT Director


FocusMe facilitates customers to enhance productivity, wean themselves off of social media, and cut bad online conduct. With custom plan settings and capabilities like Forced mode, it’s possible to block websites and programs completely or restrict them based on utilization times.

For instance, if the person launches an MP3 report, FocusMe will play a risky-sounding warning and tint the display purple. This prevents the person from in reality relaunching their blocked program until their ruin has been taken.

The Protection page (6/6) is wherein the user can set a password that needs to be entered before a plan may be stopped whilst it’s energetic. The password can be randomly generated or a consumer can pick out their own. The password length may be additionally set. This function is in particular useful for parental control.

Hardcore Mode

Many video games have a hardcore mode in which the issue of gameplay is ramped up. You get one lifestyles, no saves or checkpoints, no restarts, no life-extending health kits and so forth.

Focus Me has a hardcore mode that can not be bypassed. Once you begin a consultation with the Pomodoro Timers and Blockers lively, they live running till you finish your work.

You also can quickly block websites and apps with the drag-and-drop option. In this manner, you can block any new distraction within seconds. You may whitelist sites and apps so that they do not get blocked utilizing your plans.

You can also set time limits on programs and websites so that you’re no longer losing your precious time online. This helps to keep you heading in the right direction and prevent procrastination.


Easily block websites or apps, ration usage, and track time spent. Powerful “pressure” mode for while you really need to head nuclear. Flexible blocking permits you to block positive elements of an internet site or app even allowing others, wonderful for things like e-mail or Windows Explorer.

Note: If an internet site isn’t always blocked it may every so often be because of the way it’s configured. It could also be due to your antivirus/firewall stopping FocusMe from operating (once more this varies from software to application).

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Ideally, it would be first-rate to add websites or applications to a whitelist while blocking them. The potential to do this without stopping the plan would be very accessible. We’ll keep looking into it. The high-quality feature of all though is the customer service which feels extra like a partnership than just a technical assistance table.

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