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We have recently shared the latest setup of Unlocker on this page. Unlocker is an apparatus that ought to be in each power client’s Windows tool kit. The program has a little impression, requires almost no framework assets, and implants into Windows Explorer, which means it’s in that spot by means of a right-click when you need it. 

In Windows, documents can move toward becoming bolted, which implies that an application or a procedure has a case on them. More often than not, this sort of lock is alluring conduct since it guarantees that the document a program is utilizing or depending on isn’t expelled. Some of the time, in any case, a document is bolted and after that surrendered, and that can happen in view of poor coding in a program or a Windows mistake. 

Regularly, when an unwanted lock happens, the best way to wipe out that lock is to reboot Windows. With Unlocker, in any case, you can take out the lock without rebooting. Note that there’s additionally a versatile form of this application, which you can bear with you on a USB glimmer drive or some other convenient stockpiling phone.


No arrangement is fundamental, and there aren’t any exceptional choices. Just right-click on a bolted document, and pick Unlocker. The program will at that point give you the choice to erase or move the document. 

On the off chance that you erase a bolted document, Unlocker will send it to the Recycle Bin. On the off chance that you move a bolted document, Unlocker will give you a chance to pick the goal, and afterward send it there. In any case, if you somehow managed to reach down in Windows’ unique pack of little inconveniences, there’s a decent shot you’ll discover two or three well-known circumstances when are not permitted to erase different documents. 

We’re not going to ask you for what good reason and exactly how frequently you have been irritated while working with Windows, we’re simply going to expect that that is only the ordinariness, all things considered, we’ve all come to acknowledge the little niggles for the more excellent great and comfort the Microsoft OS offers us. 

We’ve all been there, and as a matter of fact, having dubious mistakes like “Can’t erase document: Access is denied.”, or “The record is being used by another program or client.” or “The source or goal document might be being used.” tossed in your face isn’t the least agreeable.

File Name: Unlocker

Current Version: 1.9.2

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