Epson L850 Driver For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

The Epson L850 is a multifunction printer that can provide you with quality picture printing and scanning at an inexpensive price. It is an all-in-one printer with a 6 color ink tank system that gives you the ability to print photos and documents quickly. In addition to this, the printer also has a USB port and a memory card slot. This allows you to save pictures, PDF files, and jpegs to a flash drive or a memory card.


With a capacity of 5760 dpi and 90 nozzles for each color, the Epson L850 driver is capable of delivering high-quality prints. Among its many advanced features, the Epson L850 can scan documents in both jpeg and PDF formats. Moreover, it can also print CDs and DVDs.

Supporting USB 2.0

The Epson L850 is compatible with USB 2.0 and the printer supports microSD cards. Nevertheless, it lacks LAN connectivity. For this reason, it may require a driver for Linux or Mac. When you are installing your printer, be sure to choose the appropriate version of the driver according to your operating system.

The Epson L850 has been around for several years and is still a very popular printer. Compared to other models, it has a smaller footprint and a slim profile. Aside from that, it uses an ink tank system which helps you save on ink fees. You can refill the inks as you run out. However, the ink tanks are a little loose. Therefore, it is important to keep the shells of the ink cartridges when refilling the tanks.

Features Of Epson L850

Although the Epson L850 is a great printer, it does lack some basic functions. First, it does not support image file-handling features. As a result, you will need to install a driver to be able to use the printer’s scanning and copying capabilities. Furthermore, it lacks touchscreen capabilities. Despite all these drawbacks, the Epson L850 is still one of the best printers available in the market.

Model: Epson L850

File Type: USB Driver

Platform: Windows

Size: 27 MB

Another downside of the Epson L850 is the lack of Wi-Fi. Although the printer has a USB port, it does not support a wi-fi connection. Fortunately, this can be easily solved with a USB-to-USB adapter.

Comes With Advanced Features

Besides the Epson L850’s advanced features, it has a user-friendly interface. To start off, you will need to connect the printer to your PC through its USB port. Once you have done this, you can begin to use the device. Alternatively, you can simply download the driver for your computer from the website.

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If you are looking for a printer that can produce smudge-free prints, then the Epson L850 is the perfect choice for you. The manufacturer’s inks have been designed to give a smudge-proof effect on text. These inks are available in Black (C13T673100), Light Cyan (C13T673600), and Yellow (C13T673400).


There are numerous advantages to having an all-in-one machine, but the most obvious is the fact that it can do so much more than just print. This is especially true for photographers. Not only can you print photographs, but you can also print CDs and DVDs. In addition, it has a flatbed scanner that can scan directly to your computer or memory card.

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