Epson LQ-2190 Driver For Windows 7/10/11 Download

Using the Epson LQ-2190 printer is a cost-effective way to print many documents at a time. It has high print speed and excellent print quality. Whether you are printing documents, inventory lists, or invoices, the Epson LQ-2190 is the best printer for you.


The Epson LQ-2190 has a 24-pin print head. This makes it possible for the printer to deliver an incredibly fast printing speed of 480 cps (10 cpi). Moreover, the Epson LQ-2190 also has a parallel interface and a built-in USB port. These features make it ideal for high-volume applications.

Download Section

Model: Epson LQ-2190

File Type: USB Driver

Size: 17 MB

Designed for the most demanding business environments, the Epson LQ-2190 offers the perfect combination of large print volumes with high-quality characters. With up to 20,000 hours between failures, the printer is very dependable.

Moreover, it has an unrivaled print head life of 400 million strokes. In addition, it has flexible paper handling and a built-in USB interface. A network print server option is available for greater efficiency. When you need to install a driver for your Epson LQ-2190, it is easy. You can manually download the driver or use an automatic program.

Install specific driver

Choosing the right driver is important. Depending on your operating system, you can find a driver by searching for it online. If you are not using Windows, you can also download a driver from the official website of the printer manufacturer. Another option is to use the Epson Driver Update Utility to automatically download and install the latest drivers for your printer.

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After downloading a driver, you can install it on your PC. To do this, you can use the Windows key and X to open the Device Manager. There you can view all the devices that are recognized by your system. From the list, you can easily select the driver that you need.

How to update

Alternatively, you can update the driver of your Epson LQ-2190 printer in the Device Manager. Using the Update Driver button, you can start the installation process. Moreover, you can select the correct operating system and make a backup before installing a new driver.

If you are having problems with your printer, you can contact professional service software. Alternatively, you can also try to repair the driver of your printer by manually updating it. But if you want to fix the driver problem faster, you can use the Automatic Driver Update Utility.

The easiest way to print photoshop documents

Epson drivers are designed to speed up photo printing in Microsoft Windows. They are compatible with a wide variety of hardware and can reduce your overall printing expenses. However, if you are having problems with your printer, it may be a problem with the drivers.

Regardless of the cause, you can easily fix it by replacing outdated drivers. Moreover, if the Epson driver doesn’t work, you can simply use the same driver from the original manufacturer to resolve the issue.

Lastly, if you are having trouble with the driver installation, you can contact Epson support. Once you submit your request, a technician will be in touch with you.

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