Baidu Browser Offline Installer For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download

Baidu Browser is a free-to-use internet browser that offers various features not available in other web browsers. Some of these include a media download tool, an integrated virus scanner and easy webpage translation.

Other features of this popular internet browser include mouse gestures for navigating easily and a restore button that reopens tabs you closed by accident. It also has a handy feature that allows you to display pages in text-only mode to save mobile data.


Baidu Browser (formerly Spark Browser) is a free web browser with tons of useful built-in tools. It includes everything you need to browse the internet at high speed, capture screenshots and more. It also comes with features that make your browsing experience more enjoyable. These include the incognito mode, scroll button, search within sites, display only text to save mobile data and a QR scanner.

The program is based on Chromium, which ensures high speed and stability. It is also easy to use and has a nice changeable UI. Users can easily access their bookmarks, downloads and other settings through a sidebar. It also allows them to use different skins. It has a media button that lets you watch websites’ videos in a separate window. It also has a built-in page translation tool and mouse gesture navigation.

Another interesting feature is the Account Sync, which saves all your settings, plugins, and history across all computers that you log in with. The application also has a Browser Doctor, which quickly diagnoses and fixes problems in your internet browsing experience.


Baidu Browser is an impressive web browser with a range of useful features that make it a worthy alternative to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It includes a media downloader, screen capture functionality and various mouse gestures for changing, opening or closing tabs. It also comes with a handy ‘Mute All Tabs’ option that stops unwanted auto-play audio. The browser also reopens recently closed tabs, which is perfect for people who are prone to accidentally shutting down tabs. If you run into problems while browsing, the built-in ‘Browser Doctor’ will diagnose and fix them.

Moreover, users can use the program to synchronize their data between multiple devices by signing in with their Google account. This will automatically transfer all their bookmarks, history, plugins and skins, ensuring that their browser is the same everywhere they go. Furthermore, the browser is lightweight and loads pages seamlessly in a few seconds. It also offers a range of security measures to safeguard users’ privacy.


Baidu Browser (formerly Spark browser) is a fast web browser that features a natural interface and lots of helpful tools. It’s based on Chromium, so it’s lightweight and adaptable. It also includes a built-in torrent software, a media download tool, and mouse gestures.

Easily access your bookmarks and downloads via the sidebar. The app also provides a real-time look at your Facebook social stream. Moreover, it offers an option to enlarge or shrink pages and capture screenshots. It also allows you to choose between several skins.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of closing a tab by accident. Thankfully, the app’s recently closed tab button makes it easy to restore them. The tool also includes a screen capture feature that lets you save pictures from websites, even if they don’t fit the screen. The program also integrates a media downloader for audio and video. In addition, it supports multiple languages and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.


Baidu Browser, also referred to as Spark Browser is an internet browser that has a range of features and tools for the best web browsing experience. It is a Chromium-based program and supports numerous extensions that were created for Google Chrome. It additionally offers a fast capability to load web pages and supports a variety of design themes.

One thing that sets this web browser apart is its mouse gesture navigation. It doesn’t take very long to get the hang of this feature and it will save you time in navigating throughout the content of various web pages. It additionally has a screen capture button that makes it simple to share screenshots without needing to utilize different photograph altering programs. It additionally accompanies a coordinated video downloader and can enable you to catch cuts from various websites.

Other useful features include a ‘Quiet All Tabs’ button that helps to kill irritating sounds appreciating in various tabs while you surf the internet. It has a customizable homepage that displays personalized news feeds and shortcuts to your most frequented sites. It’s compatible with all Windows versions and is a free-to-use software application.

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