iObit Game Booster For Windows Download

We have shared the latest setup of IObit Game Booster here and free download links are available for download. Basically, iObit game booster is a software developed by IObit, a company that creates utility software for Windows-based computers. IObit Game Booster is designed to optimize your computer’s performance specifically for gaming.


  1. Game Optimization: It helps improve your gaming experience by optimizing system resources, disabling unnecessary processes, and freeing up RAM to ensure smoother gameplay.
  2. Game Launcher: The software provides a centralized location to launch your games, making it easier to access and manage your gaming library.
  3. Game Defrag: It defragments the game files on your hard drive to reduce loading times and improve overall game performance.
  4. System Tweaks: IObit Game Booster can adjust system settings and configurations to enhance gaming performance.
  5. Temporarily Mutes Notifications: It can temporarily mute notifications, alerts, and other distractions that might interfere with your gaming session.

Please note that software versions and features may have evolved since my last update, so it’s best to check the official IObit website or other reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on IObit Game Booster. Additionally, be cautious while installing third-party software and make sure to download it from official sources to avoid potential security risks.

iObit Game Booster For Windows is an all-in-one tool that aims to optimize your computer for gaming. It automatically closes unnecessary background processes, improves CPU performance, and cleans RAM, so that all your resources are devoted to games. This can significantly reduce lag, frame rate drops, and other issues that plague even high-end computers.

Easy to use

The program is easy to use and has a modern design. All the options are kept neatly in one place, so you can easily access any of them with just a few clicks. You can also set up a schedule to run the game booster automatically at your convenience, so you don’t have to remember to launch it each time you play. The bottom features stats regarding your PC’s performance while you’re playing.

You can also create custom shortcuts to launch specific games, which is a nice touch. Moreover, you can even record real-time video and audio so that you can share your favorite moments with others online. Another cool feature is that it can be used in conjunction with anti-cheat software like PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, and VAC.

Specially for gamers

IObit Game Booster is an excellent choice for gamers who want to have the best possible gaming experience without having to worry about their system’s stability or reliability. With just one click, the program can make your games load faster, run smoother, and be more stable over long gaming sessions. The program is free and works well on most modern PCs, though it may not be as effective on older systems.

The main advantage of this game accelerator is that it does not overclock your GPU or interfere with any hardware settings. In addition, it doesn’t have any ads or 3rd-party promotional software that could slow down your computer or disrupt your gaming experience. The program is very easy to install and is safe to download. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Why it is useful

The developer is a reputable company that offers many other useful and popular programs for the PC. IObit is well known for its Advanced SystemCare for system maintenance, Driver Booster for driver updates, and Smart Game Booster for accelerating the computer’s performance. The company also provides freeware and trial versions of its programs.

The company has a good reputation for its UI, which is simple and modern. The program is lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space on the hard disk. It is also completely free of malware and viruses and doesn’t contain any 3rd-party advertising software. In addition, the program’s installer is very small and does not require administrator privileges to install. The only downside is that it often recommends other IObit products, which can be annoying for some users. However, you can disable this feature if you wish to avoid it.

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