PCDJ Dex 3 For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download Free

Recently we have shared the latest setup of PCDJ Dex 3 and free download links are available for download. Basically, PCDJ Dex 3 For Windows is an MP3 and Audio application developed by Digital 1 Audio Inc. It works with most Windows OS.

The most versatile do-it-all DJ software that lets you intuitively mix music, music videos & host karaoke with precision. The DEX user interface emulates CD Decks and includes advanced mixer controls like those found on physical DJ mixers.

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PCDJ DEX is a versatile, feature-rich digital DJing application for the seasoned professional as well as the novice DeeJay. It supports music mixing, music video mixing and even karaoke hosting with precision.

It provides no-latency playback that is responsive to your every move and touch – whether you are using a keyboard or mouse, or one of the over 65 DJ controllers natively supported. When you press a button, turn a knob or scratch a platter your music and music video mixes will react instantly, without any delay or dropout.

Automatic grid-based tempo detection and beat-matching make it easy to mix music files. Supported formats include mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg and cda. Text, image and video overlays as well as beat-driven visualizations can be added for a unique experience.


PCDJ DEX is a fast, small, compact and innovative Trial MP3 and Audio software that is compatible with most Windows operating systems. This application is developed to be uncomplicated for beginners and powerful for professionals.

DEX 3 makes it easy to mix music, music videos and host karaoke with intuitive and professional DJ features including beat-grid automatic beat mixing, BPM beat-sync, looping, key-lock, hot cue points, filters and effects. Easily control your music with one or two DJ Controllers using traditional 2-Deck or video mixing controls.

To fully remove this program from your Mac, empty the trash can or use Activity Monitor to terminate any processes associated with PCDJ DEX. Once that is done, you can click the Complete Uninstall button. The whole uninstall process may take less than a minute.


The PCDJ DEX App is easy to install and works with most Windows computers. However, you will want to have a dedicated video card with at least 256mb of RAM for the best results.

The newest version of the software includes Pulselocker (subscription sold separately) in-app streaming support for over 44 million tracks. It also features beat-grid based automatic beat mixing, key detection and crossfade.

The program provides DJs with the traditional 2-deck interface that can be used in either a music or video mixing mode. In addition, it features a video mixer control that can be used on high-end physical DJ mixers. It also comes with a suite of effects that DJs have come to expect like echo, reverb, phaser and flanger. The effects can be applied one at a time or layered.


PCDJ DEX is a full-featured music and DJ software solution for the novice, yet powerful enough for seasoned professionals. It allows you to seamlessly mix audio, music videos and host karaoke. It has a comprehensive library management system, effects and filters. It also supports timecode vinyl / CDs and a wide range of external hardware controllers. It has advanced features such as beat-grid based automatic beat mixing and key detection.

DEX offers no latency playback; loops, hot cues and all other DJ functions respond immediately to your actions whether you use a keyboard/mouse or one of over 85 supported DJ controllers. DEX integrates with two great record pool services for pro DJs; iDJPool provides 320kbps MP3 music tracks and the Pulselocker service (subscription sold separately) has a massive catalog of music.


PCDJ Dex has powerful video capabilities, enabling DJs to play music videos and karaoke songs. This allows DJs to entertain their audiences with a new level of creativity.

PCDJ DEX has no-latency playback – loops, hot cues and all other controls are ultra-responsive, whether you’re using a keyboard and mouse or one of over 65 supported DJ controllers. Beat-grid based automatic beat mixing, smart looping and key detection ensure your music stays in sync, while advanced video effects and filters give DJs endless possibilities.

More than just a DJ software, DEX is also a full-featured media player with support for iTunes and the Pulselocker record pool service (subscription sold separately). This gives DJs and VJs a complete solution for playing music and videos on a Windows computer.

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